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Melody, the little ruby, was pouncing on something in the grass, then retreating and pouncing again, her ears well forward and her brow furrowed. The dogs have been chasing grasshoppers, but they hop away. I didn't investigate, but a few minutes later she came trotting into the house with her head high and proud and something in her mouth. I watched, and she settled on to her bed then dropped it: it was a rather large snail! I took it away quickly, which upset her a bit: I think she may have seen it crawling and that she'd picked it up once it had retreated into its shell. I gave her a toy, but that clearly wasn't enough to make up for losing the one she'd found for herself.

I let them out last thing at night, the same day, and Melody (again) was almost in through the door when she suddenly stepped back and turned left. I take a while to adjust to the dark, so although I could see her moving forward and back, crouched down, couldn't immediately see what it was that had caught her attention. It was the toad! I have a toad; at least I think it's the same one as it's bigger every time I see it; that has appeared sporadically ever since I've been in this house. Of course, the others realised she'd seen something interesting so all came out to see what it was. I had to put them in one at at time, shutting the door each time. When they were all inside I checked on the toad, who then casually moved off. So far only one of the dogs has tried to touch it, (she licked it!) quite a while ago, so I washed her mouth afterwards: maybe she has let the others know it's not nice.

I caught Toby barking at something a few nights ago, there was a rather large slug on the patio. It wasn't moving anywhere and I think he wanted it to do something, at least he didn't eat it. Max toddled up and had a look, decided it was nothing to bother about and looked at Toby as if to say what's up with you?, Your'e nuts! They weren't too upset when I got rid of it.
Toby always barks at strange things, he barked at a piece of fluff in the bedroom yesterday until I showed him what it was - or perhaps he was telling me I needed to clean up.