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Thread: Hello from good old Sidcup ;)

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    Default Hello from good old Sidcup ;)

    Hi all - I'm a very new owner of a beautiful 3 year old Blenheim girl- and am here to hopefully gain advice from all of you if that's ok?

    We've had Ellie since August 2015 when we rehomed her, she had been well looked after but just not suited to the huge family and large dogs and many cats environment she was in. She makes life just so much fun, we just adore her

    Anyway hello for now and I'm really hoping to make a few contacts as am really feeling my way a lot of the time and would really appreciate advice.

    Thanks so much for this site

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    Hello and welcome, Suzanne

    I think you have to make 5 posts before you can share photos on here, and we do want to see photos of your Ellie
    Click this line to see Alfie's Picasa web photo albums

    Click this line to see Alfie's You Tube videos
    Mark, and my Blen - Lexie DOB 7/07/11, and my B/T - Katie DOB 01/12/12

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    Hi Suzanne and welcome to you and to the beautiful Ellie.

    As Mark says, we love pictures here, so the sooner you get the other four posts over and done with, the sooner we can all have a look at Ellie.

    I was born and grew up in Carshalton, Surrey, not really too far from Sidcup really and enjoyed visiting the Kent countryside with the family over many years.

    I have 3 Cavaliers, Winston Alexander, Tri, 9 1/2 yrs and very norty, Little Joe, Bl, 8 1/2 and the best snogger in town and Holly P, Tri, 7 1/2 and just as norty as her big bruvvers. Both Joe and Holly are Pets As Therapy dogs.

    Are you going to Crufts? If so, you're welcome to come to say hello. Holly P and I are working with PAT Dogs, Hall 4, Stand 188, on Thursday 3-5 pm, Sunday 9-11 am and Thursday 3-5 pm on the Kennel Club's Library Stand, but as yet I don't have the location.

    If you want to see the creme de la creme of Cavaliers at close quarters, they are being shown in Hall 5, on Thursday the 11th March, starting with dogs @ 8.30 am. If you do decide to visit, I should tell you though (as new owners might not realise) that only entered dogs or those who are working there are allowed into Crufts. The shopping is absolutely amazing; everything any dog could ever want, I promise you.
    Warmest wishes

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    Hello Suzanne,

    Passed through Sidcup often on my way to London along the A2............. But that was a long time ago!

    Ellie is possibly a bit more ladylike than many Cavaliers, as most will get along with rowdy other dogs! Whatever their character, they are adorable. My first was born in 1977, and I obeyed the "rule" that "You can't love just one" and currently have a couple of sisters who were born on 4 September 2000, three boys aged 11, 9 and 8 and three more girls aged 4, 3 and 1 - and five puppies eight weeks old today! At least one of those will be staying. They all have different characters, even the puppies.

    I had people at the house on Monday and even though Rascally, one of the 15 years olds, is a bit unsteady on her hind legs she searched for a soft toy which she then presented to one of them. Now, she has done this all her life but has NEVER let go when the supposed recipient has gone to take it! It's a token gesture, and nothing has changed: she hung on! Sister Raziela has never carried anything in her mouth, and was never a chewer.

    Cédric, the middle boy, is a bit of a digger: there are moles here and he either smells or hears them and tries to dig down. Of course, by the time he's got to the tunnel they are long gone, but it doesn't deter him. I fill the holes in, he digs them out again and he has got deep enough that all I can see is his tail waving at ground level.

    Vincent climbs: he doesn’t do it in our new house where we've been for around 18 months and where the fences are higher, but at the old house he'd climb over the gate, wander round and then climb back if I didn't open the gate for him. He once, when I'd had to leave to go to England urgently and put all the dogs in the local boarding kennels, climbed 2 metre high chain link fencing! My fault; I’d come home, collected the girls and driven off with them and he thought he was being left behind, even though the other boys and Tchi were still with him. However he's done it subsequently and so François, owner of the kennels, has said, very politely, that he doesn't really want to take responsibility for looking after Vincent any more....can’t blame him!

    Oh, yes, there is also Tchi, a 13 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback, who was my late husband’s dog. She is remarkably patient with these puppies, but has slowed down considerably with age and permits behaviour that she once would not have tolerated: I can even clip her nails now, only one a week as if she sees the clippers she gets stressed. The vet can do them and she’s fine. That’s dogs for you: Vet said he wished he had €1 for every owner who’s told him that.

    Lettie, just a year old, is a live wire and scared of nothing: at her very first show in the baby class at four months of age she was greatly taken by a Leonberger and leaped up to lick his nose. Luckily he was a gentle dog. I won’t describe them all, but they’re fun.


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