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Thread: How do you untrain an indoor dog?

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    You do know it's just the cat ... if Katie had gone in there, there would be no cat poop left.
    Lexie spent 24 hours vomiting this horrible light brown colour once. Turned out Alfie had been caught short while I was out.

    Katie has been wee in the garden again this evening. Things are starting to look good
    Click this line to see Alfie's Picasa web photo albums

    Click this line to see Alfie's You Tube videos
    Mark, and my Blen - Lexie DOB 7/07/11, and my B/T - Katie DOB 01/12/12

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    It's several weeks ago now, but one night I went out and left the pups in my bedroom with their supper and without Hula. When I returned I let them out and was pleasantly surprised to see no signs of pee or poo - until I went into the shower room and there were five little packages in the shower tray!

    I don't leave loo rolls anywhere the dogs can get at them: I was astounded when I first learnt the capablilty of a Cavalier to shred a box of tissues, and a loo roll is an even bigger temptation.

    Many years ago I stayed at my parents' house with a new kitten. Nathan couldn't find his litter tray, which was downstairs. He went into the upstairs bathroom and my father, who had been standing at the mirror shaving; and had left the door open; saw Nathan clamber into the bath and wee over the plughole. Dad nearly cut himself because he couldn't stop laughing, and Nathan stood up with great dignity and marched out.

    It sounds as if Katie is getting the message!


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    Love the description of Nathan's antics Jane. Its certainly started my day off with a laugh
    Sheila H [EMAIL=""]

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    Nathan was a character: my first husband turned up with him two days before we got married - rescued him from a skip or something. This meant he came on our honeymoon, to Devon. I shudder to think I drove with kittens on my lap - he was the black; the ginger was Rufus who we took on whilst on honeymoon, to be a companion for Nathan. Nathan, despite his poor start, grew up to be a beautiful cat. When we divorced he stayed with Ralph and lived to about 15 or 16. He died peacefully in his sleep. Ralph kept koi carp and Nathan drank from their pond: the fish were used to being hand fed, and so anything in the water was an attraction for them and they would swim right up and sort of nibble his nose: I think he knew he was outclassed, and never tried to catch them!

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