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    In common with most of us, I worm my dogs regularly. I use a different brand each time, with slightly different composition, as I think that if one isn't 100% effective against one type of worm, another may be. I do give tapeworm treatment athough it is a very long time since I had evidence of them, and I'm sure they were due to my old cat. I know the sensible thing would be to have a simple test to see if any eggs are present, but with multiple dogs it would be difficult to be sure I'd provided the sample from the correct dog!

    In the UK I used Panancur on pregnant bitches at it was the only wormer on the market that prevented migration of the worm larvaue into the ftus. I'd use a piperazine based wormer on the puppies and no worms were expelled, thus making me think it was effective. Although Panacur is avaibable in France it is mostly for large livestock and the one for pregnant bitches isn't available: whether it's not licenced I don't know, but this made it even more important to worm puppies, especially when from a bitch not bred by me. I always worm before the mating, but that can't prevent migration.

    Modern wormers kill the worms and they are digested or broken down, but the fact that after worming I still got normal puppy poos has never quite reassured me, so I worm again with Piperazine to be sure.

    I really don't know if I'm being over cautious: I worm puppies at 2 week intervals, not closer, so don't think I'm overdoing it: ordinary womer, piperazine, ordinary again, etc.

    Any opinions?


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    I don't know about breeding and wormers. But I use Advocate spot on for fleas, mites, intestinal worms and that, and use Milbemax tablets for the tape worms. Milbemax also does lung worm and some other bits, so is given 2 weeks away from giving Advocate.

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    Hi Mark,

    I was really talking about puppies: they're too young for a spot on treatment, although I use Stronghold on the adults with Drontal for tapeworm. I won't use a "spot on" on a dog less than a year old.... I don't know why but Ii just prefer not to!


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