How he did it I have no idea, but a couple of weeks ago Easy hurt his eye. Something sliced through the cornea, a very shallow slice. After a few days of treatment the slice had fallen off, which, said Koen the vet, was a good thing as bacteria couldn't grow beneath it. He has been and is on several different cocktails of drops and the eye is healing - although some will be scar tissue so his sight will be compromised. I am baffled as to how he did it - the only possibility is a blade of grass; Koen said he has seen cat scratches do the same thing, but I don't now have a cat and have never seen anyone else's enter the paddock.

The check-ups have mostly been with Katrien, Koen's wife, and this morning she was pleased that after what seemed a hiatus of a week, the eye is now definitely improving, but it is a slow job. She decided that it could do with an anti-inflammatory, by injection - and for that she needed Françoise the nurse to hold him: owners aren’t always good for that sort of thing. He just sat there, didn't even squeak! Katrien kissed the top of his head and said there weren't many dogs she could do that to, some would need a tranquiliser.

Earlier when I’d arrived Françoise asked which dog it was, I said Easy and the young male nurse said “Facile!” which is the French for “easy”. Françoise said he lives up to his name.