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Thread: A horrible shock

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    Default A horrible shock

    This morning I woke a bit late: there had been thunderstorms in the night which kept me awake. The dogs were very quiet and not by the door waiting to greet me when I opened it: Easy was on the floor, dead. I have no idea why: he had bitten his tongue so I wonder if he had some sort of fit. Last night he hadn't wanted to eat, but that's not unusual when the weather is very hot as it has been for a few days: several of the dogs just picked at their food. Apart from that I'd seen nothing abnormal in his behaviour; he'd been digging with Cedric earlier and I'd had to tell them to come in as it was too hot, and he'd bounded up the garden as usual, had a drink and stretched out on the floor with his tail wagging.

    I thought about having a post mortem, but it wouldn't help anything.

    I phoned the vet and took him early, leaving him in the car as I did the paperwork. Katrien saw me signing the incineration consent form and asked "What has happened?" When I said "Easy" she said "Oh no! It's not possible!" Sabrina then came out of her surgery and asked "Did I hear Easy?": she was the last to see him when he had his eye problem. I have no doubt that their condolences were heartfelt; they both liked him, joked that he lived up to his name. He was such a sweet and good natured fellow. His name was really Easy Rider, after the film.

    I don't quite believe it: it hasn't properly hit me yet: he was only 6 3/4. Even when I got home I called for him

    It was sad with Rascally and Tchi, but they'd led good long lives, more than twice as long as his. Raziela will, hopefully, be 16, and Cedric 8, in September, and Vincent is 12: I've never had one die as young as that before.

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    No words - heartfelt sympathies.
    Sheena Stevens

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    So sorry to hear this..... Too much too soon.. Run free little "Easy".. At peace at the Bridge..
    Julie, Peter,
    Sydney & Harvey - Jake 21.02.11 - Bertie 21.11.16

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    My condolences, Jane
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    Oh no, how horrible! My condolences, Jane!
    Jatomic Cavaliers

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    My heart goes out to you Jane.
    Sheila H [EMAIL=""]

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    Poor, poor Easy.

    Jane that's so awful - I can't really imagine how you must feel... You've had a truly awful year and I hope this will be the end of it now.


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    So truly sorry to see this Jane.

    I know that sort of shock only too well. My girl Bubbles was 6 too and in perfect health when she died on my bed during the night. I decided against a PM for similar reasons as you Jane. You can't change what has happened and the results are both expensive and possibly inconclusive too.

    R.I.P. sweet Easy, now riding the clouds above Rainbow Bridge.
    Warmest wishes

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    Oh, Jane, what a horrid shock for you. One can only hope he went with no pain. My sincere condolences to you. Run free at the Rainbow Bridge, dear boy.

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    very sorry for you Jane
    Bridgette Evans
    Svena CKCS

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