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Thread: Is it advisable to breed again so soon?

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    Default Is it advisable to breed again so soon?

    Hi there my lovely Bella had a litter of 4 puppies last January; unfortunately she has now gone into a phantom pregnancy and I was wondering if it's advisable to breed her again at her next season. My understanding is that the best course for her, long term, is get her spayed but I would really like her to have another litter first. Any advise or suggestions to help her through this would be appreciated. T x

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    Plenty of different opinions on this, but I'll give my own experience.

    Tipsy had a litter when she was 2, four puppies, two dogs, two bitches. She had a second litter of four, three bitches, one dog, when she was almost four. Everything was fine until my Mastiff came. For some reason, Tipsy was besotted with Tally when she was in season and walked around virtually pushing her bottom up to Tally's nose. Tally wore a long suffering expression....not hard for a Mastiff. These episodes were followed by phantom pregnancies. I talked about it with my vet and he said if she were his (he had mini long haired Dachsunds) he'd breed from her; she was in good health.

    The five puppies were born a few days after her seventh birthday; one bitch and four dogs, smallest 5 ounces and the biggest almost 9 ounces.

    Tipsy never had another phantom pregnancy: she was completely normal after these pups. I didn't keep any - I ran one nice dog on but he seemed to think he was a Rottweiler and kept on growing: he weighed 10 kilos at eight months. He went to a very nice pet home and lived to 11: I'm not sure of all the other dogs, but the bitch was a few weeks short of her 13th birthday when she died.

    I'd do it again in similar circumstances.


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    Thanks for your reply Jane. Unfortunately my girl has a history of false pregnancy and this time she's been really bad. It's heartbreaking to see her in this state. If all goes well I think I'll just press on and get a 2nd litter from her in January then get her sorted out. T x

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