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Thread: Cahors: French club's 3rd "regional d'élevage" back to back with a breed specialty

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    Default Cahors: French club's 3rd "regional d'élevage" back to back with a breed specialty

    Last weekend was busy : Cahors, a beautiful city situated in a steep valley on the Lot river, holds a show in early August, and this year the Cavalier club held its third “regional d’élevage” on the Saturday, with the Cahors show the following day hosting a breed specialty. A regional d’élevage is not, as such, a show. It is a way of assessing a dog in detail and the aim is to help the breeder look at the good and bad points of their dogs – we all think we know them, but sometimes other opinions are useful! It can also be useful for a judge to think again about how he or she judges.

    Three judges each assessed each dog and marked each part of the dog individually, excellent, very good, good or not good enough. For example, for the head the features are
    Skull: flat or very slightly rounded = excellent; slightly rounded = very good; rounded = good.
    Eyes: large and dark = excellent; a little light or slightly small = very good; small, light = good.
    Ears: attached high = excellent; a little back = very good; too low = good.
    Muzzle: well-proportioned = excellent; a little short or long = very good; too short or long = good.
    Teeth: scissor = excellent; level = very good; under or overshot = good.
    Pigmentation: black = excellent; incomplete = very good; light = good.
    Expression: soft, typical = excellent; correct = very good; hard = good.
    There are then all the items of the body, crest of neck, set of shoulders, topline, croup, tail set, underline, spring of rib, angulation, movement from the side, rear and front, colour, texture, length of coat, temperament etc.

    The marks for all the excellents, very goods and goods are added up but I don’t know at what level the dog is graded in total “excellent”. We participants didn’t get to see the check sheets for our dogs, although we heard them being dictated to the secretaries. The entry wasn’t huge: 29 Cavaliers and 8 King Charles.

    After the three judges, Marco Marabotto from Italy and Bertrand Dumont and Wendy Lhote from France, had judged each dog and graded them, they discussed their opinions. If all three of them had graded a dog excellent or very good (none were graded lower) that was fine, but it was the ones where one had given “excellent” and another “very good” that caused them to discuss, sometimes, it seemed, rather heatedly, the finer points. Each dog then had a very short written précis of the judges’ general opinions.

    Eventually all exhibitors were asked to gather in a judging ring and we were told that all the dogs were at least “very good” so no disappointments there. Each dog’s number was called in turn. “No. 1: two excellents and a very good, thank you.” And the handler was handed a judging slip. Five of the ten Blenheims had “excellent” from all three judges: they were told to stand by to return. Of the eleven wholecolours, three were to return, including my Hula: the other two were a dog, Ch. Lacierva’s Holloway Josh and another bitch, Justice Victoria de la Féerie de Broceylande. Just two of the eight tricolours were to return, both dogs and owned by Sylvie Landriau, Onitsha's I Am Always There and Barcey Vom Elfenof.

    The best of those “excellent” dogs would then be whittled down to end up with the “crème de la crème”.

    Two Blenheim dogs, Luang Ta Maha Boowa Of Lovely Valley and Let It Be Style Organdi, and one Blenheim bitch, Liberty of Mind Style Organdi, were chosen for the final selection: the Organdi’s are 18 month old litter brother and sister. Of the wholecolours it was the other two who were in the final selection, and of the Tricolours the dog Onitsha’s I Am Always There. During this selection process a couple of the dogs were put on the table while the judges discussed (argued?) a point. Eventually they agreed that the two best were the Blenheims, with the dog having the edge for best of the day. Sylvie was quite surprised – and pleased! She had almost decided not to enter and sadly couldn’t also enter for the show the following day. Charlie Pissavy, the Organdi breeder, was also very happy – perhaps an understatement. Their breeding is rather interesting: Mum is Turretbank Silver Sixpence and dad is Forest Creek Double O Seven Of Pascavale. Charlie is fairly new to Cavaliers, and Silver Sixpence was only the second he’d bought. He may not be at many shows over the next year though, he said, as his own baby is due in early October.

    I was pleased with Hula’s result, as the last time Bertrand judged her he gave a very good. After everything was finished yesterday he told me that judging each aspect of the dog had concentrated his mind rather and he realised that Hula is pretty well made – he just doesn’t like her head very much.

    Her précis critique read “Bitch overall well constructed, penalised for a head that could be a little more feminine”. Lettie had two excellents and a very good so wasn’t required to return. I don’t know which judge gave Lettie her the “very good” but her précis critique was “Pretty head, body still rather juvenile, croup a little sloping but her movement in profile is very attractive”

    The following day was the breed specialty with rather more dogs entered. There was a last minute change of judge and Roger Madec was the replacement. Last time he judged Lettie, which was in May, he gave her a très bon, but this time she was 3rd excellent. He uses one of those squeaky things to get dogs’ attention and make them look up; some ignore it but Lettie went to pick it up when he put it on the table! Her critique was rather nice – mentioned that she’s immature for her age and that she moves bit close in front but her profile movement is correct.

    Hula was second in open, the winner, the ruby Juste Une Evidence De La Féerie de Broceylande, took the CAC and in the run off with Hula it was the winner of Intermediate who took the reserve, Justice Victoria de la Féerie de Broceylande, who’s a daughter of Haran Alfie Boe. The previous day Juste Une Evidence had two excellents and a very good: just shows how judges’ opinions differ! Hollway Josh was Best of Breed at the specialty.

    I was moderately amused that Hula’s critique on Sunday said “Feminine head, ears correctly attached, large eyes, excellent balance between muzzle and skull….” and virtually all her critiques say something like "pretty head" feminine head"..... Eye of the beholder

    People took lots of photos and one has said he’ll send me a few

    I just took a couple Sunday morning……. a friend’s daughter was cuddling Lettie and attracted some of the numerous visitors to the show

    Oh – the food bit: Sunday lunch was half a baguette (brown bread with sunflower and sesame seeds with some crushed wheat and oats – they call it “rustic”) with a generous filling of decent ham, accompanied by a glass of cool red wine: price 3,50€ - I didn't fancy the 4 course meal on a day when it was still 33° when I got home at 20:00.

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    Default and here is a photo of the final 6

    left to right: Let It Be Style Organdi, Luang Ta Maha Boowa Of Lovely Valley, Liberty Of Mind Style Organdi, Lacierva's Holloway Josh, Justice Victoria De La Féerie De Broceylande, Onitsha's I Am Always There

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    Default and a couple of mine....

    Lettie and Hula

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    Looks like a nice day, Jane - hasn't M. Pissavy just brought out a tri girl by Verhayen Dustin?
    Sheena Stevens

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    Yes, she's sweet: Mary Poppins Style Organdi; she was best baby on the following day at the breed specialty, and Katie Sloan's ruby bitch Turretbank Harmony was best junior - her daughter was showing. Best Opposite sex was a blenheim bitch, Jump of Joy des Beylias; she wasn't at the RE.


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    another photo of Mary Poppins :-)
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