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Thread: Dash - Queen Victoria's tri played by?

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    Talking Dash - Queen Victoria's tri played by?

    Apparently Tori the lovely tri in Victoria with Jenna Coleman also starred opposite Emily Blunt in The Young Victoria.

    Just wondered who's tri Tori is

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    According to the radio times she's owned by a lady named Hilary Bartlet
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    Hilary Bartlett is a member of the main UK Cavalier club (possibly others as well) and has been for some time. Her affix is Korolevsky, and she's had at least one ruby as well as tricolours She lives near London.


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    If you go through paintings of the real Dash, its very hard to get a true idea of what he is like. In one, we get Victoria with Dash with a large spaniel that looks more Blenheim. Then a couple of better Landseer's showing he was a tri that could sit on a foot stool, with head much narrower than any Cavalier we get today, or should get....The painting by Hayter he seems tiny and weedy. Not sure I trust any of them to be 100% accurate.

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