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    Many years ago we taught Kizzy a "release" command for when she was let off lead to run free in the fields.

    Today I've said it to her for the last time as we had to make the sad decision to give her final rest.

    We rehomed her over fourteen years ago and she has been my constant companion since, spending most of every day here with me. She was a cute "pup" when she arrived and turned into the most beautiful dog - inside and out - that anyone could wish for. She tried her paw at agility, heelwork to music and flyball but her favourite pastime was always walking with us on a beach, through fields or on the park - in fact anywhere she could use her nose to seek out something disgustingly smelly to roll in!!!! We think she walked over fourteen THOUSAND miles with us as we used to average probably 20 - 30 miles a week.

    She fought back from SCI last summer but had become more and more frail over the past few weeks. She'd lost her appetite and was getting very wobbly on her back legs. She had cataracts and very little hearing left. Each illness seemed to take a bit more of our Kizzy away and yesterday we made the decision that enough was enough. She went very peacefully and typically for Kizzy without a murmur - she was SO brave and we'll miss her so much.

    My last words to her were "Go sniff!" - hope she heard them.

    Stephanie.....and L'il Megs

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    So sorry Stephanie for your loss of dear Kizzy you must be feeling very lost without her. What a wonderful life she had with you for fourteen years and she was much loved and treasured, what more could a little dog wish for.
    Take comfort in the lovely memories that you made together, thinking of you at this difficult time, take care.


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    I'm so sorry. It is never easy to lose one and sometimes there are Cavaliers who are just that little bit more special to us. The longer they stay with us the more we tend to think they will be immortal, and it can be very hard indeed to take that final decision, even if we know it is the kindest thing to do.


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    So sorry to hear the news, Stephanie. Little NutMeg will be lost without her half cav sister.

    Alfie will be there waiting for her - ((HUGS)) to Meg
    Click this line to see Alfie's Picasa web photo albums

    Click this line to see Alfie's You Tube videos
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    very sorry for your loss
    Bridgette Evans
    Svena CKCS

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    Oh I'm so sorry to hear your news... Go run free at the bridge little girl, you are loved.
    Julie, Peter,
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    Many thanks for all the kind words. She was such a special dog and we all feel lost without her. Nutmeg has surprised us, although they never slept or played together, she is wandering round the house obviously looking for her big "sister". When we take her for a walk she hangs back waiting for the reassurance from Kizzy that all is ok

    We're going away for a few days later in the month to revisit some of Kizzy's favourite walks in Yorkshire. On our return I'm pretty sure we'll start looking for a new companion so if anyone hears of a little lady needing a new home please let us know.
    Stephanie.....and two little ladies.

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