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Thread: Partner in crime.

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    That is good news

    I have no doubt that Nutmeg will be a teeny bit jealous at the start, but expect to see some great photos of them!


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    So very pleased for both of you.

    The two of them will be the best of friends before you know it.

    Looking forward to seeing pictures when the little one is home.
    Warmest wishes

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    Just wonderful news, thinking of names yet for her?


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    Thank you for your good wishes. We think Nutmeg may start off a little jealous but will make sure she gets plenty of attention and not feel left out.

    "Pup" - as she is known to us - doesn't have a name yet but we have lots of names that she will not be called because every time one comes to mind it gets discarded as too popular/ doesn't suit her/ etc.etc.

    She is a black and tan, Mum is called Tilly and she will have a "sister" called Nutmeg so if anyone has any ides they will be most welcome .

    The one name we keep going back to is "Asha" - it sounds nothing like Megs, it's a bit different and most importantly we BOTH like it. ( We didn't have this much trouble naming our children!!)
    Stephanie.....and two little ladies.

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    I don't use this "rule" all the time, but it has often been said that a dog's name should be fairly short and contain at least one sharp sounding consonant. I broke that entirely with Hula.... but have used names with K, B, X, T, C, S, P, D, and it does seem that the dogs hear the sharp sound better. I have also made the mistake of putting a consonant in the middle of the word - Melody and Madrigal - so they both hear the "D" and answer!


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