Thank you all for your kind words. I rarely called by her real name: it would be "Zella Bella" or "Zelly Belly" as she was one who really loved to have her stomach rubbed. She'd stand over Tom's feet and he'd rub her stomach with his toes and complain that it made his leg ache! It's a long time since she went to a show and I'd almost forgotten that she'd had puppies. Sadly the one I kept had a pyo rather young and went to live with a friend, but there are two in France that had some nice progeny. I tried to mate Bijou to the son of one, who was a really lovely black and tan, but she missed.

It was a bit of a coincidence that the owner of Raziela's granddaughter in Finland posted on Facebook on 5 October: "Happy 8th birthday to my "A" litter", with a kind message of condolence to me on the loss of "our granny". Sonza's Aironmaiden is a Champion of Russia and several Baltic countries, has three Finnish champion progeny plus others who are certificate winners.

This reminded me that Raziela had been even more than just my sweet pet and companion, and that she will live on not only in my heart and memories, but in her descendants.

I do wish I had a photo of one of her antics: when the horses had extra feed in the winter, in bowls at a lower level than the manger, she'd climb up into the manger and look over the top and watch them eating. She was often around when Tom prepared the food and it seemed she was puzzled that they would eat such stuff. All these memories are flooding back: most of the dogs were a bit wary of the horses but Zella was never remotely apprehensive. The horses were very both gentle and careful where they put their feet, and it was always Zella who was first to arrive when the farrier came to trim their hooves and she'd take a morsel away. On the other hand, she was scared stiff of the geese - and with reason.