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    As if I didn't have enough to cope with, there was a message on Tuesday from a woman who'd bought one of the pups earlier this year. Usually it's lovely photos of puppy Maika with her daughter, with their new kitten, etc., - this was to say Maika had gone missing from the garden Sunday evening - and the gate was found to be not properly closed :-(. She and her family and friends had been round the neighbourhood, put up flyers in the shops, told all the local vets etc., and she'd put up a Facebook page. I copied the Facebook page and sent it to everyone I could think of, firstly Charline from the kennels as she's on all the dogs lost and found networks. Loads of people replied and said they had shared it too.

    Just had a message from Maika's owner that she has been found, and it was due to someone seeing her on Facebook! It seems they'd had her a few days and hadn't thought to get her microchip checked - but at least they were honest.

    Such a relief! I suspect an automatic closer may go on the gate as it appears that Maika wasn't taken but had found it unfastened and slipped out.

    Well done Facebook.

    I'v told everyone and am now getting replies saying "good new!" - or the French equivalent.


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    It amazes me that even now, people find a dog near their door and think it's just an unwanted dog.

    There are numerous stories of people who have taken a roaming dog in and cared for it for years before taking it to a vet - and then find out that someone lost it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Ellis View Post
    It amazes me that even now, people find a dog near their door and think it's just an unwanted dog.

    There are numerous stories of people who have taken a roaming dog in and cared for it for years before taking it to a vet - and then find out that someone lost it.
    Several years ago somebody brought a young Cavalier puppy to my door that they had found wandering in the street, thinking it might be one of mine. I took it in and contacted the obvious places to see if it had been reported lost. It could not have come far unless it had got out of somebody's car! When I spoke to the Dog Warden she was anxious to collect the pup to put into kennels until the owner turned up to claim it. I knew the kennels the Council used and was well aware that puppy would get little comfort from the concrete floor and bare plastic baskets provided, so I insisted on keeping the baby for the time being.

    A couple of hours later the owner in the next street 'phoned me, because I had found the local lady who bred her, who gave me the contact details. There was no microchipping in those days. Family had gone off to work and school and were not prepared to collect the poor little one until they had gone off for the evening to do the monthly shop. After dealing with all that I had wished I had kept puppy and kept quiet about having her because I was moving out of Plymouth to Birmingham a day or two later. Puppy would have been far better off with me. A few weeks later I heard on the grapevine that the little one had been sold on because she had escaped from the garden a couple more times and the family had to pay the repatriation fee to the local Council.

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    Hi Flo, it is true that people abandon dogs or shouldn’t own them. In Maika's case I'd have thought it pretty obvious that she was well cared for, and she was wearing her harness. I was at a show yesterday and one of the people who'd been helping spread the word on FB told me SHE had lost a dog Thursday night! She found a hole under the fence... well, I've had that. She and her daughter searched and called all around, but luckily early Friday morning the dog turned up at the front of the house. She's OK, a bit miserable when they found her but back to normal by evening. They checked all the fences and blocked the hole.

    Some years ago I found a Peke type wandering on the edge of a fairly busy road, and stopped and picked her up. She was an absolute sweetie and I called at all the nearby houses but where there was someone home, no-one knew who she belonged to. The Mairie was closed (they have the responsibility of dealing with stray dogs) so I took her home. Tom said we couldn’t take her to the SPA, she was so sweet. In the afternoon I phoned all the Mairies in the area, plus the gendarmerie; and after two days a woman phoned: she was the owner. The dog didn't have any ID - which IS a legal obligation! I was going to a nearby town with my neighbour Fréderic the following day so we dropped the dog off: I'd actually spoken to people one side of her house and when I told the woman they didn't know she had a dog she was amazed, but then realised they were house guests so wouldn’t really know. She didn’t know how her dog had got out, either. Fred gave her a lecture about having the dog chipped and that had been tempted to keep her!


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