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    Poitiers, breed specialty, only about 2 1/2 hours for me but some people had come much further and it was really good to see some I'd not seen for a year, incuding the woman who had "dog and house sat "for me a year ago. I'd shown under this judge a few times: six years ago he gave Cedric the RCAC at a breed specialty, and all the adult dogs I've shown under him have been graded excellent. Last year he awarded Hula the CAC. I watched a class of, I thought, really good dogs. One had been the first choice of all three judges at the Regional d'elevage in August - two breeder judges and one allrounder. At the end of the class the judge gave his handler the judging slip - a clear indication that the dog was not in consideration for the CAC. Her face was a bit shocked: she passed the slip to me and the grade was "TB", very good, but the commentary was for an excellent dog. Another person I know came out of a class looking at his judging slip with raised eyebrows. He took out his phone "I must take a photo of this and send it home to the Boss!" he said, and showed me: the grade was "Bon", just "good". At the end of the blenheim judging a man sitting to my left looked at me with raised eyebrows and said "This is a distribution of très bons today."

    The wholecolour dog classes began and only two dogs were graded excellent, one in the Champion class, and the other wasn't awarded the CAC: he too is a dog who has done pretty well recently. It was almost funny seeing expressions as people left the ring, and as the judge had given Lettie just "promising" in the baby class when he'd judged her before I didn't expect much. She was placed 3rd - TB. Hula was in the next class, 2nd, and TB. The winner took the CAC; which she needed to be a champion; so that was really great for her owner. The last time they'd met, in August, Hula had won the CAC and Ibiza had the reserve. The intermediate winner, the only other adult graded excellent, took the reserve CAC. Then I went in the junior class with Madrigal, just 9 months; the oldest in the class was just a few days short of 18 months. Only one was graded excellent; 2 were TB and Madrigal and another were just "bon".

    I returned to my crate and the man next to me raised his eyebrows so I showed him the judging slip. As he was reading it someone put a plastic glass in my hand "Here, you need this to revive your spirits!" he said. It was punch, very nice and I realised after a few sips, quite alcoholic! I think the most astonishing result of the day was when a champion who looked great from the ringside was just graded "Good". A King Charles who'd also previously won a CAC under the same judge this time only had a TB. My friend with the blenheim was astounded, albeit pleased, that both her tricolour dogs were excellent, and they took the CAC and reserve "the right way round" - the ony Tri dogs to get an excellent grade.

    At the end of the judging we totalled up the grades: 25 excellents, 16 Très bons, 13 Bons, 3 Assez bons (fairly good) and one insufficient. Obviously it depends on the dogs on the day, but it is very rare indeed that less than half the entry gets graded excellent, especially at a breed specialty where there tend to be more "breeders" who bring their better dogs. At Montluçon, the breed specialty after the National d'élévage, 70% were graded excellent and 67% and the NE itself. We began to compare our commentaries: Hula "strong subject (presume that meant well muscled??), stop a little marked, ears set high, excellent body, correct hindquarters, good tail set, excellent in temperament and on the move." which was pretty similar to the one he'd given her the other time he judged her He also mentioned Lettie's stop, said she needed more body, had a good topline and moved correctly. He didn't mention Madrigal's stop, but said the balance between skull and muzzle was correct. He mentioned the stop on several other dogs too - one person giggled that perhaps he'd re-read the standard and the word had "stopped" in his memory - it is an English word used by French people. Another said "If we didn't laugh we'd cry" and then someone came up waving a slip of paper "This", she said "is a permit to leave! If none of your dogs gets an excellent grade you can ask to leave early!"

    At this another woman opened a bottle of wine "Have some rosé" she said "Let's celebrate our early departure!" The man who'd been next to me said thanks, but no, they were leaving as they had a 500 kilometre journey! As it was a breed specialty there were also drinks and nibbles after judging, organised by the new and very young delegate for the region, so some of us stayed for that. Fortunately it seemed that we all agreed that the Best of Breed IS a super dog, Ch Just My Imagination des Precieuses Pierres, as is the Best Opposite sex, Ch. Jump of Joy des Beylias, both blenheims. We do wonder, though, why this judge seemed to have changed his mind about so many dogs: I wasn't alone in having a dog to whom he'd previously awarded a CAC, any colour. One man said "Perhaps he had a row with someone and is in a bad mood!" I collected my "leave early" permit: the secretary checked the judging slips and the catalogue to make sureI didn't have more dogs!!! and was home before it got dark.

    It makes life interesting and it was good that although plenty of us were disappointed and puzzled I heard no really unpleasant comments about the judging, which I'm sorry to say I have at other shows.

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    Sounds like he had the wrong glasses on Jane....or maybe he needs to start wearing them
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    Aha!! He didn't wear glasses!!!! Doesn't mean he may not have had contact lenses..... There were a few jokey explanations for the severity of his grades, especially as the critiques seemed good................ add it to a list of experiences.

    This was breed specialty and at a specialty an excellent grade placed 1st to 4th counts towards a quality grading. 27 dogs were placed with a lower than excellent grade, so a lot of people were pretty disappointed.

    Once in a while there has been a judge from the UK who hasn't quite got to grips with the grading system and thought you should only give an excellent if you'd award the CAC. That's not quite it, and a good way of explaining it for British judges is if there were three in open class in a breed where 1st to 3rd in open gets a stud book number, if you'd give a dog the third place it should be excellent, but if you'd withold the 3rd place, give it a lower grade. However, this chap is French, an all-rounder who has judged Cavaliers and King Charles plenty of times and never before been strict like this!

    I once showed Raziela a bit out of coat and the judge had a trainee judge with her. She explained to him that my dog was an excellent type, had won the class, was, in her opinion, probably a super brood bitch, but as she was a bit short of coat she wouldn't get the CAC that day. Fair enough.


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