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Thread: How to prevent false pregnancy?

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    I'm looking for any advice to prevent another false pregnancy please. My poor Bella has suffered this way nearly every time and we were hoping to breed her again this time (a guaranteed way to prevent it.) Unfortunately the stud dog was more interested in his own family's girl who had just gone into heat. He had a couple of half hearted attempts so there might be a faint chance of pups but I'm not holding my breath. So I'm wondering what I can do to help her. I've taken her soft toys away, bought a "light" version of her kibble and ordered raspberry leaf tablets. If I can prevent a false pregnancy I might be able to convince my husband that we can try again for puppies next May. Sorry to go on so long.

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    I had a dog (not a Cav) who constantly had "falsies" both before and after having a litter. None of the suggestions I was given at the time (vets and dog show people) ever made the slightest difference. However, I've joined another group called and they have loads of sensible advice.

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    Sorry PMW, I've not been checking in to the list regularly so haven't answered before. But my answer is, I know of nothing that can be done to prevent it (barring pregnancy itself, as you say). It can sometimes be associated with ovarian cysts as I understand it, but I believe it does also run in some lines. Have you asked your vet? Obviously it's a hormonal imbalance and he might be able to suggest something that could correct it. You could also try and see if there's any kind of homeopathic remedy (Ainsworths are very good with advice) available.

    I do know that adding a dash of Epsom salts to her drinking water will help to dry up any milk she might produce in the meantime.

    Good luck.
    Sheena Stevens

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