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Thread: Heart surgery to repair MVD

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    Default Heart surgery to repair MVD

    I've been contacted by yet another person about this canine heart surgery, which a Dr Uechi does in France. Apparently it's 28,000 euro (that's 28 thousand), which currently is 22,000.00.

    Surgery is done in France.

    Mitral Valve repair (surgery under cardiopulmonary bypass) is possible in Asia since 2012 and in France since July 2015 !
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    I've heard about this but not seen the website before. It's fascinating, and amazing what can be done.

    The exchange rate is optimistic, though - I follow that avidly as it affcts me a lot! Today it is 1.17€ to the , so 28,000€ = 23,931. Still, it was ony 1.10 in October. Last year it was over 1.40

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