We very unfortunately lost our beloved Cavalier in January this year due to Syringomyelia and as you can imagine, it was a very difficult journey for all of us. We feel like we are ready to let another dog into our home now and we have decided on it being another Cav as we just cant see ourselves having any other breed. (whats not to love?)

As a family, we have all decided we will go down the route we did with our previous Cav and have another from a puppy. We are aware that rescuing is an option but have decided we'd like one from a puppy as its something that would suit the whole families needs. I have done some research on breeders as I know its extremely important to pick the right one, especially where puppy farmers and health issues are concerned.

I know Im not going to end up with a Cavalier thats got a guarantee against any health issues, but Id like to give myself the best chances possible and thats why Id like to (if possible) throw Syringomyelia tested parent(s) into the mix. I have found about 3 active breeders that do this, one of which is Verheyen Cavaliers, although Im not sure they have any that are tested for SM/CM at present so Im going to email them and ask for more information.

Has anyone got some recommendations on a good UK breeder that does heart testing and possibly screenings for SM/CM? I'm keeping an eye on Champdogs to see whats out there.

We're willing to travel anywhere in the country for our new family member too, so location isnt too much of a problem. Thanks!