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Thread: Looking for a Rescue/Rehome

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    Mark, if the thought crosses your mind again about your B&T girl being re-homed then drop me a message

    I started a new job 3 weeks ago, which is 6 hour shift work. It's knocked their routine, which seems to have shaken Katie enough for her to play along with the rest of us. She's been weeing twice a day right up until I had a day off yesterday.

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    Such a shame Mark as she took a while to settle with you and you worked really hard with her. Hopefully she will improve when she gets to know your new routine.


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    I sometimes think that there are dogs just like people who don't like adjusting to change, while others take it in their stride.

    My life has never been organised enough for the dogs to have a strict routine. Tom worked a 24/7 shift routine, but when we were first married he was the "spare" (Operations shift supervisor at a Power Station) so took over whichever shift required a supervisor - holiday, sickness cover, etc. I have a vivid memory of one of his colleagues phoning when Tom was out. Steve wanted to know if Tom would be able to cover him for a bit more than two weeks as he'd found a holiday to the Gambia on Ceefax (yes, it was a while ago!) and would lose it if he didn't book it within an hour. I don't somehow think they'd be able to arrange it between themselves these days..... I said "Book it!" and he and his family had a brilliant holiday and the one shift Tom couldn't cover another of his colleageus took over. When there was no cover required Tom went in on days and did admin work. I worked full time, then part time but not necessarily always the same days each week, then full time again, then part time full days then part time part days then full time again...... The only one who could ever keep up was my Siamese cat, Orlando, who would get up on corner of our dormer roof nearest the door. He would be off the roof before I reached the door and wind round my legs, purring. There was a cat door so he was perfectly capable of getting in the house if he needed to. I suspect he heard the engine of my car from a distance rather than that he was good at working out when I'd be getting home!


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