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Thread: Cavalier Autoimmune issues - thrombocytopenia (IMT) - can you vaccinate again?

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    Default Cavalier Autoimmune issues - thrombocytopenia (IMT) - can you vaccinate again?


    Has anyone had autoimmune issues with their Cavalier? In May my dog all of a sudden started bleeding from his mouth and his bum. I took him to the emergency vet and after 5 days in the hospital, IVs, and a ton of drugs he became stable. They said it was Thrombocytopenia in which the dog's body attacks its own blood platelets as though they are a pathogenic bacteria or virus. They can't tell me if it was just his autoimmune system or a tick, something he picked up......but the question now is can he still be vaccinated or will it make his immune issues flare up again? I've heard varying opinions and I'm looking for any advice or anyone knows of a Cavalier autoimmune specialist that I could ask for a expert opinion as general vets don't seem to match up on the vaccination issue.


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    Hi Danielle

    I don't know anything about this, but would you have any objections if I asked another forum I'm on by copying your mail (without your name) to them?


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    Hi Dorothy

    Would love it if you did, any info would be amazing.

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    Danielle hi

    Just wondering which country you're in?

    Does he have any ulcers in his mouth or cysts between his toes? There's a group on Facebook for that sort of auto immune condition
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    Hi Mark,

    In the UK. He doesn't have any ulcers or cysts but did have extremely low platelets that made him bleed externally.

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    Autoimmune disease DOES cause a decrease in platelet growth. A benign inherited giant platelet disorder affects approximately 50% of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, so normal counting methods don't work – but it seems that isn’t the case with your dog.

    I think there are drugs which can help provoke platelet growth but they are hideously expensive. My late husband had a mantel cell lymphoma and was given these drugs by injection after each session of chemotherapy. A nurse came to the house to do the injections and I had all sorts of forms to sign to get the preprepared syringe phials from the pharmacy, one prescription at a time, and had to take a cool box to carry them home in. I didn’t have to pay, but the price label was something like 600€ a time.

    I've no personal experience BUT would not give any medicine to a dog with an autoimmune problem unless it was a life or death situation and the medicine was the only hope. Vaccines work by provoking the immune system to make antibodies so, in my opinion, are an absolute “No No” for a dog which already has a problem.

    fingers crossed!


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