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Thread: Maxim - just a year old.

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    Default Maxim - just a year old.

    Thursday had been a pretty good day, apart from the rain! I’d ordered a pair of photochromic glasses and they arrived sooner than I’d anticipated. I had an appointment with the doctor, all the tests I’ve had are pretty much OK and my blood pressure has been back to normal for a few months: I just needed a prescription for vitamin D, along, so it seems, with half the world. On the way home I called in a small supermarket and while I was in there my phone rang; an sms telling me something I’d ordered was ready at the collection point. That was not far from the supermarket and I found a parking space immediately outside! On the way back I stopped at the pharmacy to collect my prescription and again had a place outside. I had a moment of anxiety as I’d not put this year’s health insurance card in my wallet – it was still sitting on my desk – but the pharmacist said the old one was still valid until the end of January. She said “We’re giving every customer a little new year present”. It was a pretty guest soap, called “the magic fairy”; ylang ylang and green tea perfume.

    Once home I fed the dogs and did a few chores. The wind was getting up and I could see the tops of the trees swaying. I hoped no more would come down and that the last storm had got rid of the weakest. At about 20:15 I let the dogs out and put the kettle on. After ten minutes or so I opened the door and four came in quickly, glad to be out of the rain. The others didn’t, so I went out and saw that one of the double gates was open: clearly a gust of wind had been enough to force it open against the bolt that holds the two gates together! One gate is bolted into a concrete base in the ground: I think I shall have to do the same with the other as I’ve already put on a longer bolt than was originally fitted, but it clearly wasn’t long enough.

    First things first! I secured the gate shut, then went back in the house, put on a coat and scarf, picked up a torch and three leads. I didn’t really need the torch; the moon was full and the rain clouds scudded across so fast it was mostly light, plus the street light was still on. I began to walk down the drive but hadn’t even started calling when Lettie ran up behind me, delighted to see me! I put her lead on and walked back to the house. My neighbour’s dogs began to bark, I heard a startled yelp and Madrigal came hurtling over the grass. I think she’d gone up to their fence and been taken by surprise. She timed it so that as I opened the front door she hurtled in, seemingly happy to be home. I put them in the kitchen and went back out to look for Maxim.

    I walked round the area, going up each road and along the forest piste, calling him, for an hour with no sign. At one point another neighbour’s hunting dogs began to bay so I went to their kennels, but there was no Maxim. I’d got quite cold and wet so went indoors and finished making my pot of tea and changed some clothes. I went out three for four times for just five minutes and called – no success. At about 10:30 I decided I should calm down and sat and watched something on TV, hugging the other dogs, then went out again. No success. I went back in the house to change my wet footwear and at about 23:45 went out yet again. By this time the street light was off, but I’d left my porch light on all the time. I began to walk down the drive when I heard a bark: “Maxim?” I called. An answering bark, from east of the house, which is over fields. There was hardly any moonlight by then as the cloud had come over thicker and the torch was only good for about 10 yards. Eventually the bark was closer and the torch caught his eyes: he was behind a sheep netting fence. When I reached him he was trying desperately to climb the fence. I managed to lift him over, getting scratched by brambles in the process, and lifted him over. There was no point in putting a lead on, he was so delighted to be found that he ran round and round me, then towards the house, then back to me. When I opened d the front door the others were all at the other side of the internal door, and when I opened it they all fell on him to greet him. It took me a while to get a ton of vegetation out of his coat and then I dried him with a towel. I didn’t get the hairdryer out: he leaned back into the crook of my arm and fell asleep and I didn’t have the heart to disturb him further, just rubbed him gently with the towel. I’m pretty sure he hadn’t been there earlier as I’m sure he would have barked when he heard me call if he was unable to get out of where he was.

    When I looked in the mirror this morning I saw that I have even more grey hairs, and outside the wind had taken down my rose arch and the cover off the cement mixer. The road was littered with bits of tree that had blown down, but nothing major. The sun has just come out – but I doubt it will stay for long.

    There is snow forecast for Sunday and Monday, and again a week later….. Maybe not as much as in the UK!

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    I love your stories Jane. I hope Maxim didn't suffer too much from his adventure, can't believe he's one already. How time flies.
    Sheila H [EMAIL=""]

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    I'm glad to say he was fine the following day - he'd just exhausted himself! I've bought a security barrier for the gate, but as it's currently -7 am going to wait until the weather warms up a bit before putting it on. I'm not sure it's a good idea to drill into wood when it's frozen.

    The dogs are all keen to go out in this freezing weather and romp around for about fifteen minutes but when I open to door and ask "Anyone want to come in?" they mostly run to me. Sometimes the three youngsters stay outside a few minutes more. When I can't see them from the kitchen window I go to the door and may find them waiting there - or they've gone off to the sides where I can't see them.

    We've the best part of a week at below freezing forecast - then a few days of rain! I prefer the dry cold; so do the dogs.


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