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Thread: Hi from Yorkshire.

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    Question Hi from Yorkshire.


    I've had 2 Cavs in the past, my gorgeous Black and Tan, Charlotte, who lived a happy and healthy life with no medical problems at all. She was a trained PAT dog and we visited hospitals and nursing homes where everyone loved her. She sadly passed away one month short of her 14th birthday, in 2006.

    We then bought a gorgeous little Blenheim boy, Pippin, who was shockingly diagnosed at 2 years of age with juvenile kidney disease during a routine tooth clean and was given 6 months. We managed almost a year and one last Christmas Day (with all the family which he loved) before having to take him on his final visit to the vets on the Boxing Day night, as he just couldn't fight anymore.
    I've not had a Cav since as just couldn't face it, but miss them so much!

    I've joined mainly because our grown son and his family have a Cav puppy whom they got from a good show breeder who did all the relevant health tests. Sadly they've just found out, at 9 months, that he is totally deaf so I'm looking to find out if anyone has any information on Cav deafness and hopefully get some tips and help on coping strategies for them, teaching hand signals, safety etc.

    Thank you and nice to meet you all x

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    Hi Cas.

    d for dog (dfordog) have some tips on training and hand signs for deaf dogs. I've taught mine basic hand signals due to Cavs going deaf with age

    See this webpage
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    Hi, Welcome to the group.. Please ask any questions you need to. There are many people on this group with experience who are always willing to share their knowledge.
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    Thank you, not seen this site before some great articles! I've sent the link to our son.

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    Hello and welcome.

    We brought home a 19 weeks old puppy in Sept. 2009 via the Humberside Rescue people and also thought she was strong willed. She would not respond to her name and slept like "the dead" - nothing seemed to wake her. We took her to a training class where the trainers told us they thought she was not "naughty" but that she could not hear us. " But she responds to biscuits being put into her bowl at meal times and barks at the front door bell" was our reply. Then the 'penny' dropped - she was following our other dog. When Kizzy reacted to a noise Nutmeg followed!!

    We felt like bad owners and took her for a BAER test where it was confirmed that she was totally deaf in one ear and had minimal hearing ( door slamming noise at a close distance) in the other. She does everything a hearing dog does but is rarely off lead as we cannot give verbal recall . We have found that she often responds to a sharp hand clap - if near enough - as she "feels" the air movement.

    From that day we accompanied every verbal "command" with a hand signal and still speak to her as she appears to follow facial expressions. She has obtained her KCGCS gold level award - without any spoken word commands -which we were delighted with, as were her trainers as she was the first deaf dog they had taught. She also does some agility and is so focused on me that being deaf is no hindrance at all. Once we had stopped feeling sorry for her ( a deaf dog does not realise they have a disability - it's all they have ever known.), she has been absolutely fine and lives a normal life.

    I hope your son and family continue to enjoy their puppy. Every extra moment we have spent training with Megs has been worthwhile and we'd have no hesitation in having another deaf dog.
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    Thank you so much, that's really helped and Nutmeg is absolutely beautiful!! What a star she is and what a perfect name she has!!

    Yes one of the worst things for them in all this has been the guilt they felt for not picking up on his deafness! They got him at 16 weeks of age, the breeder told them he was 'stubborn like his mum' so they just assumed this was what it was. They have 3 children and he's always following them around and they play together. He'd learned to sit but then they naturally hand signal that anyway. The most confusing time was when they let him out during the evening in the dark, they'd call him but he wouldn't come back in, so they'd had to go out and pick him they know why. The trainer who picked up on his deafness, I've posted his story in the 'other health' category, told them to flash a light instead of calling and he comes straight back in now when he sees it bless him.
    I've told them not to feel guilty, as you said 'to them it's normal not to hear', and they weren't to know, they just need to look forwards now and, like you have done so brilliantly, work hard to achieve good communication. They're struggling with 'leave' ATM though lol, what with all the toys being around the place...but then that's puppy's for you!

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    If we want Megs' attention we give her a gentle 'tap' on the head and she will look at us to see what we want, we can then sign to her. If she's doing something unwanted we tap her bum and then give her a "leave it" sign. She soon learned the difference between head and tail !!
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