Our son and his family have just found out that their 9 month old Blenheim puppy is deaf.
It was pure chance that they found out as they had thought he was just being stubborn by not coming when called, in fact his breeder had warned them how stubborn he was when they went to pick him up, she even said he was as stubborn as his mum, which has made us wonder whether she has hearing problems too

They booked him in for puppy classes and the lady who runs them asked if she could come and visit them at home first. The pup was asleep in his crate and, after chatting in general about general obedience, she got up and squatted next to his crate and called his name, nothing. She tried again a few times, then touched the crate and he shot up, all excited, he'd obviously felt the vibration. The trainer then did several tests, all of which he failed. Our daughter in law then waited until he was asleep and banged something down behind him with no reaction at all! The vets have now confirmed he is deaf, they're doing some tests next week to see if he has any hearing at all but they've told them they don't think he has. In fact the poor little lad has already had an operation for Cherry eye, which has failed sadly so he's back in for another one next week, they're doing the hearing test at the same time.

The breeder was chosen because she's a long standing show breeder who health tests and is KC assured, so I'm guessing a hearing check isn't obligatory with the UK KC? They're going to email her and let her know as we feel she should be told, he was one of 3 pups so we're wondering if any of the others have a similar problem.

They've bought a book on bringing up a deaf puppy and have started hand signals, their children are learning them too. He's a lovely, confident, loving little lad, much loved and I'm certain will be fine, I just wondered if any of you have come across this in a similar aged puppy and have any tips you could share? Any knowledge about Cherry eye would be great too!

Thank you.