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    and Pekes! I have a lovely book called The Butterfly Lions by Rumer Godden, a book about the breed in art, legend and history and the dogs pictured in that are longer nosed and more sporty looking than modern *Pekes.


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    I don't think the FCI German Shepherd standard has changed much, it's probably personal interpretation of the standard that has altered: it doesn't really state what the angle of120 is between, the portions of the leg or the thigh to the body!

    The position of hind legs is slightly backwards, whereby the hind
    limbs are parallel to each other when seen from the rear. Upper leg
    and lower leg are of approximately the same length and form an
    angle of approx. 120; the legs are strong and well-muscled.
    The hocks are strongly developed and firm; the hind pastern stands
    vertically under the hock.
    The paws are closed, slightly arched; the pads are hard and of dark
    colour; the nails are strong, arched and also of dark colour.
    The German Shepherd Dog is a trotter. The limbs must be
    coordinated in length and angulations so that the dog can shift the
    hindquarters towards the trunk without any essential change of the
    top line and can reach just as far with the forelimbs. Any tendency
    towards over-angulation of the hindquarters reduces the stability and
    the stamina, and thereby the working ability.


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    What an interesting article, Mark. Giving away my age <LOL> but I remember a time when not only GSD's but also Chows and Bulldogs looked like those earlier photos.

    Also a very interesting link at the bottom of that page to the New Guinea Highland Wild Dog.

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