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    The phone rang – a mobile number that I didn’t know. Janne ??? C‘est Michel!” I know several Michels so was wondering which when he said he’d done the tiling in my bathroom so I said yes, hello, how are you and he replied fine but he wanted advice. “We have a Cavalier here,” he said, “and would like to ask you advice on grooming.” I said OK but I wasn’t the best in the world… he then asked if his wife could come over this afternoon: he was at work but was sure she knew where I lived. She duly arrived and was quite surprised when I said to bring her dog in, with all mine milling around. I was confident that they’d be OK and they were, although the poor little boy did at times disappear under a sea of black and brown. I let them all outside and he played with Madrigal, quite happily. Mrs Michel said the dog belongs to their son and they’re looking after him for the Easter holidays and she wanted to know how to groom him to make him look nice and smooth like mine. He’s a fairly curly coated tricolour and his coat will never go flat, so I said so. I though it’s pointless to talk about drying coats etc. but gave some tips on products to use on the coat before bathing. I also showed her a stripping comb which I thought would be good on some of the worst curls, and when she asked showed her the products I use to clean eyes and ears if necessary. She was a bit surprised that the dogs were loose in the house as she thought I had a special room for them. I said I do, and they sleep there but in the day they are my family so come and go in the house as they please, except my bedroom and the guest bedroom which are out of bounds. he wa slo surprised that I bathed them allmyself and didn't use a professional groomer, so I said I had the big sink in the utility room just for that purpose. kneeling down in the shower was too hard on my back

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