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    The French club show will be on 22 April at Nevers Not a bad entry, 274 Cavaliers and 50 Kings, lqrgest classes junior and open bitch blenheims (21 in each) and wholecolours, 20 in each. I was going to share a campsite cabin with a friend and she's just phoned to say the weather is due to be cold there so she's going to book a hotel instead, as it will almost certainly be warmer! The cabins have electic heating and I have no idea how efficient they are. I looked on the long range forecast and it's from 4 to 14, which is decidedly chillier than it is here at the moment! 19 outside in the shade and 23 in the house.and I don't know if the heating is on or not: I've set it to 20 and it gets warmer with sunshine beaming through the big windows.

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