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Thread: Weight Loss - Or Not?

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    Angry Weight Loss - Or Not?

    When I brought Manny in from NZ two days before his second birthday he weighed 9.2kg - he was not overweight, just one of the larger Cavaliers.

    He turned 10 last January, perfect health, no heart murmur, but to my horror he weighed 10.9kg. We promptly put him on a weight-reducing diet, after all extra weight is detrimental to the heart among other things. The vet prescribed a special (and expensive) Hills diet which she says they have had great success with. Not Manny though. After a couple of months he had actually gone up to 11.1, so with the vet's permission I put him on to a homemade diet. I had got this from the Australian Women's Weekly back in the 70s, when I had a VERY tubby Alsatian-x-Rough Collie rehome. Tessa went from 55kg down to 28kg.

    So now Manny officially gets two meals a day of tinned mixed vegetables (standard grade) boiled up with brown bread and a piece of shin bone or chicken breast. That's for flavouring only and gets given to one of the other dogs after cooking. The remaining mixture is then mixed with gelatine. He is fed the same amount of this as he would be given regular senior food. Pleased to say he's already lost a kilogram!

    BUT....and the big but is....Manny is a real trencherman (that must be a Pommy word, I had to explain it to one of my friends!). My two youngest Dalmatians get fed in their crates. Usually I put the bowls of food in and then go and fetch them. On a few occasions I have come back with a Dal only to find Manny devouring their food. How-come? It seems you can reach in through the crate door wires, pull the Dri-bed towards you, thus moving the food bowl towards the door, and then tip it up so that you can scoff the contents which thus fall outside!

    I thought I had overcome this, but yesterday after my friend took me shopping for dog food, I moved the bag of Senior food out of the way for the three bags of Adult as I would need to use it first. I can no longer move heavy stuff easily and had bought a furniture removing trolley to do so, but as it wasn't handy at the time I laid the 25kg bag down on its side. BIG mistake, whilst I was transferring my fruit and vegetables to the fridge, Manny discovered THE BAG! Lying thus on it's side, he had managed to move it all of three feet and over the edge of the stoep, where he had chewed through one corner and was busy tucking in. When I yelled at him he just sat down and gave me a benign look which almost said "I love you, Mom, what are you trying to tell me?" Maybe one day Manny will get back to 9.2kg, but it won't be with his co-operation!!!

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    Oh dear. This made me chuckle a little.. Sydney is a big cavalier and is about 11kg but just right for his frame... He knows all of the stots when it comes to getting food... Little pup Harvey is already on a slow eat bowl too..
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    I can't leave Cedric in the dog room. I put the bags of dog food in tubs which are on those plant stands with wheels, to make it easy for me to move them around. Cedric has learnt how to knock them over and get the lids (which fit very tightly) off and then helps himself, with help from one or two of he others. It is Cedric that does it, that's sure: I've caught him in the act! The sacks that perturb him are the ones with a sort of plastic zip: he hasn't learnt to unzip, just chews through the plastic. Like Manny, he thinks he's been clever and seems proud to show me I don't need to feed him any more today. Lettie is a would be thief bu ets it xong. I'd put my lunch, basically a slice of trout, on the table and she jumped onto the chair and swiftly grabbed something off my plate. She should have paid more atttention, though, as what she got was a lump of lettuce: I'd prepared salad to go with it She doesn't like lettuce, or cucuember or tomato but is quite keen on olives. I was kind later and shared the skin of the fish between the dogs with their dinner.


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    Toby is a real thief, he'll nick anything he can get his paws on. I left my dinner on the table the other day to answer one of those retched cold calls, when I returned he was sitting on the table proud as punch munching away at my roast. Needless to say he got told off and put in the other room, but I know he'll do it again if he gets the chance. He's still quite little at the moment (6.5 kg) but I keep warning him that there is a fat dog in there just waiting arrive. Max on the other hand is really fussy and will only eat things if he is hungry and if likes the smell, otherwise he sticks his nose in the air as if to say do you really want me to eat that rubbish.
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    I can imagine Toby: cheeky lad to sit on the table! They do make us laugh, even if, at times, wryly!


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