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    Just back from the National d’élevage at Nevers. I’m tempted to say “Nevers again” as the journey is horrible, not improved by a major road being totally closed to be remade, and a detour adding a good hundred kilometres. I didn’t know this before I started out but my Satnav did and wanted me to take the motorway A89 to meet up with the motorway A71 and go north on that. A bit like going to Manchester from London via Bristol, so I decided I knew better and began on the route I knew so it took me six hours to get there rather than the 5hrs 20 minutes of last time. I stayed in a cabin on a camp site on the edge of the Loire river: very pleasant and practical with the dogs. It was one where you take your own bedlinen, so no worries about the dogs getting on the bed and leaving hairs. I had taken their soft crates and was amused that Cedric went straight in one when I put them up. And that Madrigal decide she wanted to be in the crate with him and not with her Mum. The people to my left had come with three King Charles from the Czech Republic for the show, and on the other side was a young couple with a tri and a Blenheim who I didn’t recognise.

    My first class was veteran dog with Cedric, who decided once again that he didn’t want to walk. The critique said “timid movement” but it was more really “stop dead and glare at my owner." He got firt place with a Très bon because of that, the rest was all excellent. Madrigal was next: she had also a Très bon, but this time she did walk "moves well with excellent tail carriage” but she lacks body: I would have been better advised to put her in junior rather than intermediate. I had Hula and Lettie both in Open but my friend who often handles Hula had a class that clashed so I asked his son if he could hold leads: I’d show the dog. Yes, said Allessandro, then asked if I’d like to know what happened to him in the week. I said yes, if he wanted to tell me. He’d been on a school trip to Paris and they were all in a café on the Champs Elysée when they heard what sounded like shots. One of the teachers said “stay here" and went to the door. Within a few minutes gendarmes arrived and old them all to stay put: the whole area was in “lockdown” he did use that English expression. I asked if he was scared “Very” he replied. Later I spoke with his mother and she said she turned on the TV and caught the newsflash so phoned his mobile immediately. I think she was more scared than he was, her imagination was running wild! Hula only had a très bon with a nice critique, but I was very pleased that Lettie was graded excellent: the judge has udged hem beore and awarded Hula a couple of CACs Lettie one, reserve going to Hula that time. Maxim was last to be judged; très bon again, due to being a bit narrow and not having enough chest.

    I was absolutely delighted that Best in Show was a dog I have admired since I saw him as a junior two years ago.
    The judging of best in show w interesting! The best Junior was the black and tan bitch Miss Scarlett O’Hara de la Féerie de Broceylande, bred and owned by Manuela Serot, the best Champion the ruby dog James Brown of Sevijean’s one d and bred by Séverine Abraham, the best CAC winner another ruby dog, l’ecossais des Precieuses Pierres, bred by Marlene Mouillon and owned by Martine Evrard and he best veteran was Demoiselle de Sophline, owned by Séverine Abraham and bred by Sophie Rouillon-Melin. The four Cavalier judges, Norma Inglis Lydie Estrue, Roger Madec and Christian Karcher had to write their choices in order, one to four, with NO CONFERRING! Said our President, firmly; on a slip of paper and then the results compared. There was a tie between the best junior and best champion, so the King Charles judge, Alicia Pennington was called as referee: she chose James Brown. It was quite nice and a little surprising that they were all wholecolours! The best baby was a tricolour bitch, Mariosa du Clos Peroy, owned and bred by Julie Couprie, and the best puppy a delightful Blenheim, Mam’zelle Louise de Bettignies, owned and bred by Guillaume Tytgat. Her photo is below.

    BOB King Charles was the tricolour dog Ch. Iggins de La Geode, bred by Roger Madec and owned by Claude Auboin and Claudette Aupetit.

    Many people helped tidy the hall, which had been beautifully decorated and we were offed drinks and snacks afterwards, a pleasant touch.

    I went back to my cabin and spoke with my Czech neighbours, in English! They’d had the dog CAC with their ruby boy Henry Pepino Fapella Gray, an reserve bitch CAC with Hessy Queeny Fapella Gray.

    Coming home was a nightmare and took seven hours, and it was awkward as I’d been invited to a St Georges day lunch party and although I said I’d be late I didn’t anticipate being quite as late as I was!

    This morning I had a phone call from the club treasurer “jane, did you realise you’d overpaid” I did, I’d tier dot pay on the internet and had a problem with my debit card so I made an entry on paper which I sent with a cheque. Later I had a reminder from the internet service and thought to add anther dog, and of course the site wouldn’t let me pay for just one so I paid the whole lot. Alain laughed “I’ll send you a refund” he said, “you don’t have to pay for mistakes when we’ve had all the money!” That was pleasant news.

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    nothing to do with the show: I got home to learn that my neighbours have had the first foal of the year Friday night. The mare had been in the nursery paddock for a week or so and I thought they were getting worried that she was late, but Mare Altéa apparently has a history of foaling early, so they were being prepared! one month early this time, and all seems to have gone well

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    here are photos of him Not quite as cuddly as a puppy, but still cute :-)

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    He's gorgeous! I just love them when they're all legs and big knees!

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