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    it was a a bright sunny morning so I went off to La Latière, a local fair that happens on 30 April and 1 May plus teh second weekend of September every year. It's said it used to be the gypsies' horse trading fair, and I used to get a bit irritated by the poor quality horses and donkeys for sale. There are usually cattle and the prize winners in the beef category are generally bought by local butchers who advertise the fact! There were only a few donkeys and horses and no cattle: maybe they'll be there tomorrow, or September. Unusually I didn't see anyone I knew and after about ten minutes it began to rain. I queued up to buy tomato plants. The people before me dithered a lot about the varieties they wanted, and wanted to pay by cheque but didn't have a pen - nor did the stall holder so I lent them one. I'd got 1.20€ in my hand ready to pay but the plants were 0.65€ if buying fewer than 10. The stall holder said don't look for more money, take it as reduction for lending the pen and having to wait so long! Then I thought I'd get chicken and chips from the stall of a local poultry farmer, which are usually excellent, but the queue was so long I gave up and went home and baked spuds in the microwave not quite the same!. It's ironic: we are in a drought warning area and have rain the day that it's least welcome. I was watching TV a bit later and the signal went, either heavy rain or lightning, although I didn't hear thunder. The afternoon seemed to be fairly dry! Ironic. I was glad I'd not taken a dog with me: quite lot of people take theirs and I saw a fair few Chihuahuas or similar sized dogs tucked into the coats of their owners and not on the ground: that was left to Labradors etc., who dont care about rain.

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    today is bright and sunny with no rain forecast and it is today that is the Bank Holiday, but I won't go again ;-)


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