I heard a car horn toot a couple of times, love the Fench verb "Klaxoner" whihc descriebs it so well! but hadn't heard a vehicle coming up the drive so went to check The doorbell rang and there was a La Poste van and a woman who wasn't the usual postie. "Hello", she said, "I have something for you to sign for." I duly signed and then she said "you don' recognise me, do you." I said I was sorry and no, I didn't. She then told me she use do be a hairdresser at the salon in the Avenue de la Stade in La Roche Chalis, teh nearby big vilalge, and she'd cut my hair a few times. I said "Sorry - it's seeing you out of context" and she laughed and said many of her former customers don't recognise her when she's in the Post van. A long time ago I was at a village event and a woman was talking to me. I said I was sorry, I recognised her face but couldn't think of her name. She replied, "Madame, je suis votre médecin!" " Madam, I'm your doctor!" she is no longer my doctor: Tom once had to have his blood pressure taken and to hold his arm steady she clasped it between her thighs. He said afterwards it was good she wasn't an attractive woman or his blood pressure could have gone up! One male friend said "elle est moche" which pretty well translates to "she's a dog". the usual word for ugly is "laid" and she's not really ugly. That wasn't the reason I changed doctors: it was when I had some polyps on my neck that she burnt off with acid, leaving marks that looked like love bites (I was about 54 at the time, it was summer and I didn't really want to wear a scarf or put concealer make-up on the marks!) and I decided that she wasn't really a doctor in whom I had confidence. I now have a lovely doctor who has never decided to do anything to me herself but sends me to a specialist.