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    At about 07:00 yesterday, on my way to a dog show at Aigrefeuille díAunis, I passed through the small town of Montendre. I noticed a little dog on the pavement, standing on his hind legs, scrabbling at a gate. I stopped the car, opened the gate and let him in the garden. Later in the journey it occurred to me that maybe he didnít belong to that house, possibly there could have been an in season bitch there and he was after her! This preyed on my mind all day so on the return journey I stopped again and rang the bell of the house and told the woman who answered what I had done. Yes, it was indeed her dog - he has a tendency to get out but canít get back again. and she had realised someone had opened the gate. When I told her my worry about an in-season bitch she laughed - her dog has never, to her knowledge, showed any interest in other dogs or bitches and sheís never had a female dog. I thought about Cedric, who has never yet gone wandering looking for a bitch: he seems to just get out of the garden to have a look around. A the moment he stays in, frustrated because Madrigal is in season and he would like to get to her but I keep her in the dog room if heís in the sitting room and him in the kitchen if sheís in the sitting room. Because of this she didnít go to the show: I took just Hula and Lettie, CAC and reserve respectively. BOb was a belnheim boy, Luand ta Maha Boowa of Lovely Valley and BOs a tri bitch, Jazzy des Paines de la Varenne. I also fell in love with a very sweet Griffon, a breed I've not really met before. I was talking to her owner who also has Leonbergers; Yeva was on her grooming table and put her feet on my chest and licked my face. Naturally a strong topic of conversation at the show was the Presidential election, and everyone to whom I spoke hoped Macron would win: as it stands, it looks as if he has. Marine Le Pen was talking about evicting all immigrants and I really have nowhere to go

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