I've just looked at some schedules of forthcoming show on line and one, for Toulouse, will not be held not at the usual parc d'expositions in the centre of town but at the Veterinary University. On page 3 of the schedule with teh details of calss fees etc. is printed in a bright yellow bar in bold black letters that an up to date vaccination card is obligatory! http://www.cedia.fr/ftp/ToulouseCACS.pdf I think this is a show society that has already checked vaccine records before allowing dogs to enter, usually they just check that the rabies vaccine is current. It's good they have let exhibitos know beforehand as so often there is a huge queue as people scrabble through their belongings looking for the information, which is obligatory to have with you at all shows although not many actually do a check on entry. At the World show a few years ago, back to back with the championnat, once a dog had been checked the exibitor had a plastic wrist band, like the ones used in hospitals, which was good for the following day. No way of knowing, though, if the person was bringing in the same dogs!