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    I saw, a while ago, the story of a circus elephant who killed her trainer at a circus in Hawai in 1994. Last Sunday, a six year old lion attacked his trainer at a circus at Doullens in Picardy, in front of the audience. I was pretty appalled that the owner of the circus said the lion would have to be euthanized as "now he has shown his dominance, he can't be trusted any longer."

    Maybe I'm being simplistic, but there are plenty of zoos and I would have thought it a good idea to see if any of them would like this poor animal. The possible reason given for the attack was that it is the mating season, so the lions are a bit "edgy". I have never liked circuses and would love it if travelling animal perfomances were banned. I'm happy to see displays of birds of prey: is taht hypocrisy??

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    I'm with you on most of this Jane, but I have always enjoyed seeing the performing animals in the circus too. But I do wish that lion could be rehoused somewhere more suitable for him.

    I too enjoy birds of prey. We have a Hawk which hovers over my back garden every morning to catch the odd Blackbird coming out of my tree. I have watched it catch and take them, still very much alive, clutched under the body and flown back to the nest.
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