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    Libourne is my local show, just 45 minutes, but when I go up it was raining. I wondered whether to stay at home then, realising that I had the only wholecolours entered, though I really should go. The judge had come from Portugal! I put Hula’s drying coat on her for the journey, as she’d got a bit damp when she went out first thing, and although I’d run the dryer over her, her coat was beginning to fluff up a bit. At the show I found the correct ring; Nicolas and Lynda were already there, their crate parked on a strip of grass on the other side of a pathway to the ring. Lynda was tired “I didn’t get home until 2:30 his morning she said. She’s on the committee of another canine society and the women members sometimes do a “girls’ night out” and had gone to a cabaret evening at Bergerac. She said it was fantastic and showed me a leaflet. The judge had loads of breed before us! Lynda said she could have had a lie –in, had she known. Mostly the breeds were the herding or guarding sheep breeds, but he also had Shi Tzu’s and Tibetan Terriers and Spaniels ojudge before the Cavaliers. Sylvie was entered with three Cavaliers and a Tibetan spaniel, but wasn’t there. Nico phoned “She’s still at home, wants to know if it’s still raining!” She arrived in time for the Tibetan class. I’d taken Hula out of the crate and woman passing asked if she might take a photo! She’d never seen a dog dressed like that! I explained, what it was, but thought it did Hula no favours as it’s black and mustard so does not complement her black and tan coat at all.

    I’d entered Cedric, maybe hoping that he might walk on grass. He did the tour of the ring OK and part of the straight up and down, bit reluctant on the return, and did the triangle nicely and then stood beautifully, as the judge had asked, for him to walk round him and have a second look! He got "excellent" and Best Veteran.

    I had Lettie and Hula both in open again, so asked Nicolas could he please handle one: last time he handled Hula and as they went into the ring asked “CAC OK for you?” I’d said yes and Hula was awarded the CAC. He said as he knew her, he’d take her again, and she was awarded the CAC while Lettie had the reserve. It seemed to me that Hula moved very well for him. In the challenge for best bitch I was up against one of his girls, a tricolour, Lady Magical des Bulgarians. Hula was best bitch but Nicolas’ handsome Blenheim dog Legend des Bulgarians beat her for best of breed. I asked Lynda if she thought Hula moved better with Nicolas and she said “Yes” so I said that Nicolas ought to set himself up as professional and start charging a fee. “NO!” he exclaimed, a bit horrified, “I don’t mind handling a dog for a friend, but don’t want the responsibility”. We also talked about their new breeding venture: they have just taken delivery of a couple of beehives and are looking forward to learning more and, hopefully, reaping the rewards. They live in an area where there are loads of acacia trees, and the nectar makes delicious honey.

    This led to talk of food: we hadn’t planned a picnic and I’d taken nothing so went off to find what was on offer and returned with a barquette of chips and find my crate had gone! “Jane, over here” called Nicolas: he’ moved all our crates into the shade of a tree: by this time the sun had come out and it was really quite hot. Sylvie went for a sandwich and returned a bit grumpy “they’ve sold out of the ordinary ones” she said “and only had “gourmet”: the choice was foie gras or salmon, so I chose foie gras. I was hoping for ham or cheese.” She shared a little with her dogs, which I though risky: foie gras is very rich and I’d be worried it might upset their stomachs. “If it does, I’ll be home by then” she said. Good point!

    Someone tickled my neck and I turned to find Aline and Alain there. Aline asked if I’d seen all the photos of Guillaume’s wedding: their son, the animal trainer, married Sarah-Jane on Easter Monday. Aline was quite surprised that the registrar went to the wedding venue to perform the ceremony: in France the couple has to go to the Mairie. As she was showing me the photos on her phone, new voice said “I hear English spoken” and we turned. There was another couple I’ve seen at shows a lot. The man is shorter than I am, his wife quite a buxom lady but I was sorry to see she was in wheelchair. She said “How do do?” and sounded so much like Mrs Brown (Brendan O ‘Carolll) that I wanted to laugh but thought it would be too difficult to explain. She’s stopped breeding and showing because of her health but, they said, they’d come to the show just to see all the people they’ve met and got friendly with over the years. That was nice to hear.

    Lynda had Legend on the groming table in his drying coat to keep his coat flat and a passer by asked "Is he hurt?" thinking it was a type of bandage. Lynda explained and the woman's eyes grew rounder and rounder"I had no idea there was so much to showing a dog". Aline muttered, soco voce "try Poodles or Yorkshire Terriers"

    A little later was the tannoy call “could the Best of breed veterans please make their way to the collecting ring” Cedric walked there OK and we were stood between a ten year old Cocker and a twelve year old Champion Coton de Tulear, who fascinated Cedric. Her owner was very pleasant and we chatted a bit while waiting. The best in show ring is on a slight slope and we entered from the bottom left corner and lined up on the right. In France the judges generally do not go over the dogs again, and this judge just asked each dog to do a straight up and down, or, more literally here a straight down and up. All the while the ring announcer was commenting. Cedric’s turn: “The Cavalier King Charles, 8 years old, this lovely red colour is called ruby.” Cedric did the down nicely, heading towards the entrance of the collecting ring, but didn’t want to do the return. “Oh!” said the announcer, he’s tired, he wants to go home”. The packed ringside laughed, which Cedric liked, his tail wagged: laughter is approval! He wasn’t going to budge so I dropped his lead and walked away, thinking he’d follow. Wrong: he went towards the collecting rung, attacrting more laughter, but someone grabbed his lead so I thanked them and carried him back to his place. Oddly when the short list of the Coton, the Cocker and a Bull Terrier had been selected, he was happy to walk round the ring and out of a small entrance opposite that of the collecting ring, possibly because he was following other dogs. A man sitting there with a beautuiful headed German Shepherd said “poor chap, he’s tired” I said I thought it more like boredom, but if nothing else he had given people a good laugh. I then left the show, we had already realised that the next show we'd see each other would be the Championnat at Nantes in early June.

    When I got home I took the dogs inside and then let them out into the back “garden” while I unloaded the car. When finished I went out to put it in the garage, there was Cedric, he’d got out of the garden in a few minutes! I asked him “are you going to go indoors or shall I put you in the car and take you to another show” he ran to the front door, fast! Two years ago his gorgeous sister, the late Bijou, took best Veteran in Show there but here was no photographer. Even earlier he and Bijou had been best couple, helped by being ruby dogs gleaming in sunlight against green grass. The old photo is attached

    sadly, Legend didn't get placed in the Group!

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    here are legend and lady Magical
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