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    Did something really stupid this afternoon: I had to go to a shop in the centre of Libourne, the nearest large town. Using the GPS to find the street was easy, but like most towns, parking is not easy so I considerd myself lucky to find a space not far away, according to the map, parked and walked first right then the next first right to reach my destination. Unforunately when I went to return to it I forgot I had to turn left twice so walked miles wondering whether the things that looked familiar were because I'd walked or driven slowly past them. Eventually I remembered the name of the street I'd walked along when doing the "second first right" and so found the car. What is irritating is that I do have a paper street map of this town, at home in a drawer, but hadn't anticipated havin to go into town: the shop used to be in a commercial centre on the outskirts of town according to a large board outside had closed for refurbishemnt so I had to go to its temporary address as given on the board. Add insult to injury, when I arrived they were closing, at 15:00!, and told me they'd be opening on Monday at the original shop in the commercial centre and sorry, but there were no technicians still there. OK, it's poet's day, but that was taking it bit too far!

    I have for a long time made sure where I've left a car in a big car park, especially after Tom and I thought our hire car had been stolen in Las Vegas because we'd not really appreciated that the hotel had three car parks and we weren't in the right one. We'd talked with American friends who had had that happen to them in Seattle. Most big car parks tend to have big letters or numbers marking zones. I can't think why I hadn't made a better mental note in the town. My cousin used to live in Hong Kong and she had a fall from a horse and suffered some brain damage and she once forgot where she'd parked her car and took a taxi home. Her husband went through her till receipts to work out where she'd been during the day and thus the most logical place for her to have parked and went and found it. I haven't hit my head recently, so it must be a senior moment or just a serious lack of paying attention.

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    You can buy tracking devices to put in your car now, which you can find with your phone.

    Or, if you have an Android tablet or phone you can track that with another device
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    I don't have a smartphone working, only the basic sort of mobile that takes calls, (and photos and can be a radio). ironic really as the shop I was going to was the Orange boutique as the sim card I'd ordered for a new contract to put in a secondhand smartphone I'd acquired didn't work. It didn't work in my ordinary mobile either, so the woman on the Orange help desk advised me to take it to one of their shops. I do still have my old Tomtom GPS which I could carry as a pedestrian, bu that's at home in the office!

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    Default yet another senior moment!!!

    This morning I thought I’d let the girls out first: generally I go to the kitchen, let the boys and Goldi out and make a pot of tea before I let the other girls out, but I could hear them moving about so thought they might be needing to go out. Usually I open eh door before I open eh shutters which are eh roller type, so the girls slide out under them as they’re opening. I was a bit surprised that as they went out, Goldi came in! I knew I hadn’t accidentally left her out overnight, as I distinctly remember her looking at me a bit reproachfully when I’d said “Bedtime!” and she’ gone in and into the bed with Cedric and Maxim. It was when I net into the kitchen I realised: the door between the kitchen and utility room was open – and so was the back door! I don’t remember locking it last night, but it’s a bit alarming to think I could go to bed and leave doors not only unlocked but open! Cedric and Maxim were still in the kitchen and I asked if they wanted to go out and they looked at me as if to say “Why? “ I guess they’d already been out and come back in again. I think I’m going have to make myself a check list to tick off each night. Old age, better than the alternative, but very irritating to find myself capable of being so stupid


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