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    While channel surfing I chanced upon a Judge Judy where the subject of the case was a Cavalier, a sweet little black and tan who behaved calmly in the court room. The owner claimed that the dog had strange behaviour, suggested to be SM by to her vet, and the breeders were refusing to refund the purchase price or let the purchaser have a replacement puppy despite their sale contract providing for either in the case of any congenital abnormality. There were films of the dog behaving oddly, but she had no official diagnosis, it was just a suspicion. In the end Judge Judy ruled that the breeder had to refund the purchase price. As far as I could gather there was no proof that the condition was congenital and the breeders claimed she hadn’t demonstrated odd behaviour since having been returned to them and had taken her off the( not specified) medication prescribed by the owners' vet. I can't help but think I'd have wanted an MRI to get a better diagnosis. Judge Judy's take seemed to be that if she had a dog that behaved like that she'd be worried and that the films clearly showed the dog was not "normal"

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