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Thread: I realise I am quite shallow!!

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    Default I realise I am quite shallow!!

    I realised how shallow was my enjoyment of the Championnat (and other big shows) once I was back in my hotel room. It was the memory of a number of seriously attractive younger men approaching me and planting kisses on my cheeks. Logically, of course, I know it was sheer good etiquette: it is for the gentleman to approach the woman, but even so it’s pleasant – although being unreasonably ungrateful, I do wish that “designer stubble” wasn’t still fairly fashionable here. I had a few hugs too, but they were from women and children. It was also nice to be greeted by dogs: inevitably when one sees the same dog at several shows the dog will get to know the people it sees, and will greet them. However, being greeted by dogs one has never previously met can be quite pleasant, if sometime surprising. I was sitting by my crate when a passing Estrela Mountain dog bent down and pushed his head under my arm. His owner was a bit flustered but I said it was OK: if her dog was willing to make friends with me, I would reciprocate. She replied that he wasn’t usually very friendly to strangers, which I took as a compliment. My dogs in the crate were totally unconcerned by him. A little later, when I was having a wander around the show, it was a sweet little chocolate Cocker Spaniel who stepped out in front of me, looking up, her little tail wagging madly. The last and most impressive was a Borzoi, a handsome cream dog who pulled away from his owner and pushed his head against my hand, so I was pretty much obliged to stroke him. He eventually put a paw on my shoulder and licked my face; his owner said that while they can’t really snuggle they do wash ears, human and those of other animals! Her “other” breed is the Shi Tzu and she says it’s fortunate that borzois don’t really have “wet” licks.
    Shortly after I’d arrived and got my crate set up, Nicolas came up and asked “Do you need me today? I see you have both Hula and Lettie in Open” so I said yes please, I’d be delighted if he could handle Hula Lettie didn’t make the first cut; she got a Très Bon, and I was just putting her back in the crate when Nico arrived with Hula and said “sorry, she wasn’t placed” Later, when I got her result card, not a dictated critique for this show, I saw she had an “excellent grade, so Nico said, smiling, that his honour was restored. Previously he’s asked “is the CAC OK for you?” and both times Hula has been awarded the CAC, but they were smaller shows, even though one was a breed specialty. The abbreviations on the certificate COF NC mean, Classe Open Femelle, Not Classed, i.e. not placed.

    Bitches were judged by Tanja Engel and dogs by Wendy Lhote. I heard someone ask Tanja’s secretary if she had an English judge and the secretary replied, “No, German, but she speaks English!” The wholecolour bitch CAC was awarded to the gorgeous black and tan Ultrachic De La Féerie De Broceylande from the Intermediate class, the wholecolour dog CAC went to the open class winner James Du Clos D'arlequin, a handsome black and tan dog. The Blenheim dog CAC went to Holmes Des Contemplations, a well-known dog and a popular win! The bitch CAC winner Was Look Like Romy De La Fieffe Au Songeur. Tricolour dog CAC: Lethal Dose Of Love De Castel Peyrac, an award that had his owner, Dany Prunier, in tears. The bitch CAC and CACIB went to Jadore Des Precieuses Pierres. The dog CACIB went to Ch. James Brown of Sevijean’s and he was judged Best of Breed. Best junior was a gorgeous ruby bitch, Turret bank Golden Time, best puppy a tricolour bitch, Miss Dior Des Preciouses Pierre’s, best baby a really cuddly little Blenheim bitch Shine Ever Message D'un Ange, who still has a lot of puppy fluff. Best veteran was the black and tan bitch, Damoiselle De Sophline. Sadly Brownie didn't get placee in the Group. I don't knpw if this cn be seen by everyone: it's a lovely photo of Séverine with Brownie and Damosielle, who also elongs to her

    Best in Show was a Chow Chow, King Of Egypt De Los Perros De Bigo

    I had a funny moment checking out of the hotel this morning: the girl at the reception told me I was booked and had paid for another night! Didn’t I want to stay and profit from another day in Nantes. I said I didn’t want to be rude but no, not really (the dogs were already in the car waiting to go home) Oh well, she asked "Did you have breakfast?" I said I hadn’t ordered it so she said "well, have breakfast then that will make up for it a bit." To my surprise among the choices were bacon and scrambled egg: not common in French hotels. When I got home I found my reservation confirmation and saw that I had booked a “weekend special” offer where Friday to Sunday was cheaper than booking two nights.

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    Oh I did so enjoy reading your description of what must have been such a friendly and well run show Jane. Well done to Hula for getting marked as 'Excellent'. She is such a lovely girl it was obviously thoroughly deserved.

    I have always had similar experiences to you when meeting up with other breeds at show. I've lost count of how many different breeds have taken a fancy to me and of all the times I've been licked to bits and sniffed all over too; they must know how much I love being fussed by them.

    You're a girl after my own heart for forgetting what you had booked at the hotel Jane, but wasn't it good of the receptionist to coax you into having breakfast before you left. In years gone by I stayed at several hotels in France, but never came across scrambled egg and bacon either. Hope you enjoyed it.
    Warmest wishes

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    Hi FLo,
    breakfasts at French hotels are usually various types of bread and croissants, with jam, honey, fruit purée (!) and yoghurt, with fruit juices, tea, coffee and hot chocolate, so this was a surprise and quite good: the bacon better than the scrambled egg. I didn't book it as usually they are quite expensive for what they are, about 8€. I tend to look for a patisserie that serves drinks to have a coffee and a croissant. I didn't need to do that on the day of the show as the organisation was good and evrey exhibitor was offered a coffee and a small croissant or chocolatine :-) Royal Canin, too, was offering coffee to their customers and I gathered that if I'd gone earlier there had been nibbles. The Cavalier club's local delegate, who I think is Domnique Zonenberg for the Nantes region, had produced a very good "pot d'amitié" "friendly drinks": the nibbles and drinks after judging, including Sangria, rosé wine with sweet grapefruit and an assortment of soft drinks and not just the usual bayonne ham, cheese, crisps and savoury biscuits: she had prepared taboulé and a couple of potato salads and sensibly also provided plastic or paper plates, and forks. Usuually the food provide by a delegate after a specialty is "finger food" or things one can spear on a cocktail stick. I was amused to see a small boy, who didn't belong to a Cavalier or King person, approach the tables with wide eyes and Dominique asked if he'd like something: the child's father then appeared, looking flustered,and apologised but Dominique said" No problem, if he'd like something, let him choose" and the little boy took a slice of Bayonne ham and a fe crisps.

    yes, it was generally a very friendly show and I found the atmosphere more pleasant than the club show. There were a acouple of surprises, a woman said, in English with an American accent "you don't remember me, do you?" and I said "Laure Humphries!" and she said yes, but things have changed. She'd qone to a wedding in Thailand, or somewhere in the Orient and she and the best man hit it off immediately: the "coup de foudre" lightning strike = love a first sight, and are now married: she said it was when she was 60 so getting older is not all bad!I know another woman who lives near here: she had been living in South Africa with her late husband but after she was widowed had gone to stay temporarily with a daughter in the UK. Old friends of hers, who lived here, invited her over here to stay and while she was here had a small get together where she met Keith, and they hit it off like a house on fire. Eileen says she won't marry him as she'd lose her pension from her late husband so they went to South Africa and had three rings made, one black diamonds, one champagne diamonds and one white diamonds: they fit together and are her "permanent engagement" rings. She' in her mid 70"s and once told me "never say never, you can't tell who might be around the next corner" The man at whose house they'd met gave a short speech when they hosted a dinner for their engagement, "I propose a toast to wish you both all the best for what time you've got left together!" which infuriated his wife, but made most people laugh. He was never known for being tactful.
    I think dogs do take instant likes" to some people and I've had quite a few, over the years. With my nephew it's cats; strange cats will walk up to him purring, and he got on really well with my mother in law's really rather stroppy Chester, stroking him and never getting scratched. Sadly MIL had kept this poor cat cooped up and so he never saw other people and when she went into a nursing home we had to take him on and as he hated dogs he had to stay upstairs and live more or less in the bathroom where he had a litter box and his bed. Once in a while we"d shut the dogs in the kitchen and take him into the sitting room, but he'd never settle. It was a shame, as when he was a kitten he was at our house for a while and I have a photo of him and my cat Orlando and one of the Cavaliers all on MIL's lap. We should have kept up the visits!

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