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    Irecived an e-mail toadya, adressed personally, whih said the sender (the secretary fo eh dg show society) hoped I'd enjoyed myself at the championnat and wondered if i'd thought of entering their show a bit south of Paris in a few weeks.
    If I enter before a certain date, there are reduced entry fees!

    I've recieved other invitations like this from shows that I've prevously entered, but this is the first "cold calling". I can't object, it was worded very nicely, but is a bit out of my comfortable travelling radius and also clashes with another show that I will be going to, as it's a breed specialty.

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    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm entries must be a bit as hard to come by as in many shows in the UK then Jane.

    Enterprising though. I haven't heard of entry fees being reduced, but I have noticed that many closing dates have been extended.
    Warmest wishes

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    quite a lot of shows here have two layers of prices, cheaper if you enter before a certain date, and most shows have decreasing prices for subsequent dogs. I've attached a sample, which also has different prices for members of the association.Effectively with this shows for individual classes it's 5€ cheaper if you enter before 24 June, except for an additional pass for another person. You usually get two passes if you enter three or more dogs anyway. If you wanted to enter 5 or more dogs at this show it would probably be worth joining the canine society. It is fairly unusual that the entry fees for pair, couple classes and "meute" = "pack", usually limited to hunting dog breeds are also cheaper: they don't usually change! It is normal for puppy, baby and veteran classes to have lower entry fees as wins in those classes don't count towards anything official, although veterans can be considered for Best of Breed even though they aren't eligible for the CAC. Parking and catalogues are included in the entry fee, although some shows charge extra for parking closer to the hall, not always really worth paying for. The entry fees are quite expensive but most class winners and all CAC and reserve winners will get a trophy. Some shows now have taken up the English idea of giving rosettes, either instead of or as well!

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