I saw a Judge Judy where the subject was a woman who thought another couple had stolen a dog that had been hers, they claimed they found her as a stray and “adopted” her. Judge Judy asked about the microchip and the plaintiff said her dog hadn’t been chipped, but then volunteered that she did have DNA identification. Judge Judy was scathing of the people who found the dog, said it was clear they had not taken proper steps to find the owner of the dog they’d found, which was a far cry from adopting her. She was willing to rule either that the DNA test was carried out or that the people who had the dog pay the plaintiff the sum of $1,000, being the approximate worth of the pedigree and AKC registered Pug bitch. The plaintiff decided to accept the money! I think I’d have wanted my dog back! Most of mine have DNA identification as well as their microchips. One friend of mine has two notices next to her door that say “Caution, Guard Dogs” and “All animals on these premises have DNA identification” She has a couple of Leonbergers who are daft as brushes but look quite fierce and have loud barks.