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    Was shocked and saddened to hear yesterday that the UK's dog newspaper Dog World has been put into Administration.

    Almost from the first time I showed Cavaliers in 1982 the paper has been a huge part of my life with pedigree show dogs, with me eagerly waiting to read the judges' critique from one of the shows we've been placed in or to read the many articles and show reports of interest in our all absorbing hobby.

    According to reports, it's the usual story, too little revenue coming in from advertising and sales and too much going out. I have to admit i've been reading the on-line edition for a couple of years now because the printed paper hasn't been available locally.

    I want to say a big thank you to all the staff and journalists who have worked on the paper since the 1930s for their excellent standard of reporting and highlighting the issues affecting the world of dogs and their exhibition. Life will never be the same without turning to Sheila Atter's column, anticipating what she will have to say about a wide variety of topics, always with humour and common sense, not to mention the letters page and all the other excellent contributors to what has been our staple reading diet since the 1930s.

    Is this another nail in the coffin in the world of pedigree dogs as we have always known it?
    Warmest wishes

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    Such a shame. But sadly just about everything these days has gone on to Facebook - and when that meets its demise, what then????

    This forum now has fewer contributors, a lot of dog-related Yahoo Groups I've been on the only things I get now are the "regular reminders" regarding rules, no one is contributing. Likewise out two SA dog sites.

    Maybe I'm cynical, but PETA and HSUS must be rubbing their hands in glee, as we can no longer keep in touch with each other and form a united front against their misguided conceptions.

    I, too, like online editions of things, due to an appalling and almost non-existent postal service here, but perhaps all these publications which have online editions should consider requiring a subscription in order to receive the full version? Yes, I hear the howls of protest from those accustomed to "getting it free", but there's truth in the old saw that nothing in life except fresh air is free.

    I hope that, just somehow, they are able to keep the paper going. We need to be able to communicate with each other about our hobby and our dogs, not just individually, but en masse. Even a much smaller paper than in the past would be a great idea.

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    That is such a shame! It was the first dog paper I read, and was then under the editorship of Stafford Somerfield, who, I think, used some of the tricks he’d learned as editor of News of the World to keep people interested, although the style of Dog World was somewhat less sensational. I always preferred it to the “other” dog newspaper, but having read it after Ferelith had stopped being editor, thought it lacked a certain something. I used to take it on subscription, and although it always arrived on Friday, the post came after I’d left for work: when I bought it weekly I could pick it up from the kiosk at the station and read it on the train on the way to work. 

    I too have noticed that Cavalier Chat has far fewer postings than it used to, and think it’s because most of the conversation now takes place on Facebook. That would be OK if it weren’t that there are so many posts on Facebook it takes ages to go through them and it’s too easy to miss ones that are interesting. Being a bit mean, I really wouldn’t want everyone on Chat to be a FB friend as I try to keep it to people I really know or have had a lot of contact with and certainly don’t “follow” all my FB friends. I also put some things on Cavalier Chat that I wouldn’t necessarily want to be read by the whole world or some of my family!


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    There is also a lack of posting on the weekly column of the website - the last posting being 24th February 2017... and the show results are way behind too (7th May 2017 Birmingham Int show).

    Facebook is replacing these websites.. I am like Jane, sometimes I don't want the world to see (or family) somethings that I want to chat about..

    Such as shame...
    Julie, Peter,
    Sydney & Harvey - Jake 21.02.11 - Bertie 21.11.16

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