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Thread: Pleasant day at Jarnac show

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    Jarnac show is held on a horse racecourse next to the river Charente which today had swans gliding up and down and looking lovely. Hula was awarded another CAC buy what pleased me more were two eight year old girls, firm friends, whose families had a French Bulldog and an Australian Sheherd dog, who fell in love with Madrigal and Lettie. One said Lettie, who is ruby, is the prettiest dog she'd ever seen. A friend took some photos of Madrigal looking none too comfortable in the arms of the other child. They both groomed the dogs, brushed and combed them, and put a parting in the longer hair on Maxim's head. From time to time their parents asked if they were being a nuisance, I got the feeling, though, they were happy that their children were occupied! It was nice to see peopel I only see at certain shows again, including Fréderic: he has a shaved head, tattoos, earrings and owns couple of really good Pekinese. He didn't mind when I said from looking at him I'd have anticipated his dogs would be American Staffs or similar: he'd just commented on a rather large man waddling along with a sprightly Whippet and said the dog didn't suit the owner I asked if I suited Cavaliers and he just smiled.

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    Other pleasures of the day: A young German Shepherd who licked my hand and a Gordon Setter who sat next my chair, leaned against me and put his head on my knee. I said I'd happily take him home, his master said no, he'd gonBest of Breed so had to stay for the group. I didn't ask if i'd have been able to take him oterhwise! And a lovely gentle Bullmastiff sporting sunglasses who was totaly unperturbed by Madrigal and Lettie sniffing him all over, his owner was a novice owner and I said a Bullmasiff was an interesting choice, bu it seemed he'd met the mother several times casually when she was being walked and liked her so much he wanted a pup of hers: she too was a gentle giant. he wan't hinking of showing, but this dog was such a typy fellow the breeder persuaded him to go to at least one show; Jarnac was it!


    PSno joint picnic this time!

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