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    Cam me looking for advice on my King Charles - Charlie - he's three now.

    I've read so much about which dog food, that I've left myself even more confused. So many conflicting opinions out there. So I thought I'd just come here and see what you guys are using.

    The search function seems to block me though?

    Thanks all.


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    Welcome Luke.

    I would say that the question to ask is what are you feeding Charlie at present and why you feel you should change to something else?

    Has Charlie got a problem with his digestion or does he have runny motions?

    Is he under or over weight?

    Does he have a specific long term medical condition, such as kidney disease?

    If the answer to the last three questions is no, then you must be doing something right, so why do you want to change?

    Usually any well known brand of dog food and/or biscuit works well if given in the right quantities and balanced out with a good amount of exercise. Supermarket brands often contain too much soya or other fillers to be good for a dog, so I personally would not use them.

    Human foods are good for humans but not usually for dogs.
    Warmest wishes

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    Hi Luke,

    It would also help if we knew which country you are in?
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