I am new to this forum but felt compelled to post the loss of my beautiful Millie at 9 years 1 week through sudden cardiac arrest after battling MVD & CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) for a number of months. She appeared to be coping really well on all the usual medications but after a day out at the coast she just collapsed and was clearly in distress. We rushed her to the emergency vets where they put her in a oxygen chamber and treated her with diuretics to remove the excess fluid. At no point did they believe that her life was at risk but after a number of hours of trying to remove the fluid she had cardiac arrest at 2.00am and sadly passed away. We are absolutely heartbroken with her loss, as we were totally unprepared to lose her so suddenly and at the moment struggling to cope with the loss. As I write this tears are rolling down my face as I am unable to comprehend that she has left us but part of me is grateful she is no longer in distress. When we look back at the last few months she had deteriorated and was struggling with her breathing & was constantly coughing & had a very high respitory rate. Part of me was in denial to a certain degree, as she was such an integral part of my life & I didn't want to lose her but this is a cruel disease and it appears that the heart can just give up for a multitude of reasons. We do have an older Cavalier who is 13 years old & they had been constant companions for the last 9 years and he clearly seems to be lost at the moment. If anybody out there has experienced this, please give me your stories and advice, as at the moment the grief is overwhelming & the thought of not being able to touch/hold or smell her again is leaves me heartbroken and feelings of great sadness.