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    almost didn't go: only six cavaliers entered and three were mine but I though it would be awfully rude to the judge, so went. Hula won the CAC and Best Opposite Sex to a handsome Blenheim BOB, Maxim was 1st excellent but once again this judge disqaulfied Madrigal because of the splash of white on her chest. The rules only really allow a disqualification if a dog can't be unhandled, but I wasn't going to argue. She wrote "incorrect colour" on the critique :-( Still, later in the day Madrigal and Maxim, who even managed to hang their tongues out in unison on the move, came third in a couple class full of huge breeds: Czeque wolf dogs, Akitas, Australian Shepherds and a few of the French hunting breeds that I am never sure of correctly identifying!

    Not a totally wasted day and I got talking to a few people and dogs ringside that were very pleasant and Maxim met a six month old apricot Standard Poodle that he though was lovely but wan't so keen on the same owner's pug, who liked him a lot.

    Only disappoinment was when I went to get something to eat: the caterers had sold out of everything except chips and andouillettes (a sort of tripe sausage) which are, IMO, disgusting, so I just had chips. There was an ice cream van but I wanted something savoury - too fussy, the dogs would have eaten the sausage!

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    And I see Madrigal & Maxim are more interested in Mom than "watching the birdie"!!

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    Yes Dorothy, Maxim particularly so ;-)

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