Nightmare: clearly a short power cut during the night as I'd set my alarm for 5 a.m. but woke at 06:50! We'd had some dry lightning during the day on Saturday and I had heard a few rumbles of thunder late at night. It's not uncommon here to get sort break in the supply. I got away from the house by 8, but it takes the best part of three hours to drive to Cahors, and this was a breed specialty so I wanted to get there. The judging times posted on the Internet gave 10:30 for my first class, so I hoped judging might be running late. As it was I got there just as the W/C bitch CAC was being decided, and another exibitor said "you're late: you've missed all your classes." so I told him what had happened. He then spoke to the judge and asked if he would give my dogs a grade. The judge agreed, saying "You had a problem at home?? A nuisance, but it happens. I suppose you need them to be judged for their cotations?" which is the quality grade. He examined all three and gave an good comemntary then not only gave them each the grade of "excellent", he placed them, last, of course, in their classes: for the cotation they have to be graded excellent and placed 1st to 4th in the class and the biggest class, intermediate bitch, only had four entries. After he'd given me the last critique he said "you can tell people I'm kind, to judge your dogs after you arrived late" so I agreed he was and also said I'd have to thank Mr M, who'd asked him to do it. "I'd have done it anyway if you'd asked " he grinned, so thanks Mr Jean-Jacques Dupas, for being kind. He is not a judge I know: it is only the second time I've exhibited under him. It was clear he knew some of the other exhibitors. He's only fairly recently added Cavaliers to his list of breeds: he is an all-rounder with a huge list, and is a judge trainer for most of the the sheep herding and guarding breeds and quite a lot of the mollosser breeds and some primitive types, Spitz, etc. For the next show I'll use my mobile alarm as a back up for the clock radio alarm, just in case.