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    Meet Naïcha: I hadn’t thought it would happen so fast but it is fatal to “just” go to look at a litter! Poor little girl cried for the first half hour of the journey home, then fell asleep. I introduced her one at a time to the Cavaliers and she was a bit overwhelmed because they wanted immediately to play and she needs to get used to them. She ate well the first night, diving into Lettie’s bowl with her and then eating her own food. The first night she cried for about half an hour after I’d closed the door to the dog room but in the morning she was in a crate on top of two Cavaliers. The second night it was about five minutes of crying. She eats amazingly well (fortunately!) and is getting to learn this house: she already knows where I keep the food and recognises the blue food dish that she had used for three meal. My old UK neighbours have arrived in their camper van and she was very happy to sit on Mary-Anne’s knee and have a cuddle. She is very cuddly, which, me being used to short faces, I find quite odd but endearing. The first night when I had her on my lap she put her head against the side of my neck Her mother CH. El ghazal des Messagers de Khandah'Hare is gorgeous and, from photos, Naïcha looks like she did at the same age, apart from the colour!


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    here are the photos I thought I'd attached !
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    Aaaah! Many congratulations. What a lovely little face.
    Stephanie.....and two little ladies.

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    Lovely photos.. She looks like she already settled in...
    Julie, Peter,
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    Such beautiful elegant dogs - I went and found mum on Google last night when I saw you'd missed adding your photos. I wonder what the Cavaliers will think when little one outgrows them??


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    I don't think they'll notice: they didn't seem to with Tchi, the Ridgeback, and she was rather more solid than Naïcha will be. I suspect that it will more often be Naïcha using them as a bed than the other way round. Lettie, who plays with her most, has already discovered that she can't run as fast as her new companion I called on Fred and Christine to say there was a new addition they should meet, and found they too have a new girl:not quite the same: a little black and tan Dachshund who had been dumped out of a car on a main road not far from here, seen by Christine's friend - no ID and Fred asked if they could keep her rather than taking her to the SPA kennels. She's a sweet little thing. Fred said a Saluki is hardly a guard dog, and I said but she will be bigger so Cavalier puppies will be used to seeing a bigger dog around!

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    Ahhh.......... she's lovely
    Sheila H [EMAIL=""]

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    I went to a show yesterday, and usually Fréderic and Christine will take care of the dogs when I'm out. Unfortunately they were already doing something else, so I asked Emma, who, with her husband Steve, is a "part time" resident of our hamlet. She came down to meet Naïcha and we were both delighted that Naïcha took to her straight away and they sat and had a cuddle. she said Naïcha behaved well, ate all her lunch but did pee on the floor before Emma had got the outside door open. I said don't worry, she is a baby! and I do have a bucket and mop. Naïcha greete me quite enthusiastially when I got home, but she didn't appear to have been anxious, which is good, adn was calm when I closed the door when I'd given them all their dinner: soemtiems she has cried. I think she enjoys meeting new people, she was happy with my old UK neighbours Ben and Mary- Anne when they were her, likes Emma and I hope Fred and Christine will soon come to meet her.



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    Naïcha needed her second lot of vaccines on Friday and we had an early appointment. Unfortunately on the journey she needed a pooh and by the time I realised why she was crying she’d already done it. Consequently I arrived a little late and she had faeces up her legs where she’d trodden in it: I’d not really been able to wipe her down effectively with kitchen roll. I took her into the toilets and washed a bit off, and when I came out Dr R was there, waiting. She went up to him with a wagging tail, good sign, and then he said “come with me” and we went into the room reserved for teeth cleaning and he placed her on the drainage bars and proceeded to wash her legs, using a normal water pressure hose and not the high pressure water lance for teeth. He dried her with paper towels “easier than with a long haired dog” he grinned. She was very good and didn’t squeak when he did the injection: he did go and get a packet of dog treats and gave her a couple afterwards “Try to keep them on our side!” He told me has a new puppy too – a Dobermann, who cuddles up with his older Labrador and he’s going to have to teach the pup to be more independent.

    Of course I couldn’t put Naïcha in the crate so attached her lead to the seat belt of the passenger seat, keeping it short. This didn’t meet with her approval and she ended up climbing up onto the back of my neck – as she did it slowly, the seat belt didn’t lock. It was not very safe, I know, but I could see in the rear view mirror that she was calm and her eyes were closed. Once home I gave her a proper bath with shampoo, and was amazed at how quickly she dried! I didn’t need to use the dryer, a good rub with a towel was sufficient.

    I’ve never had a Cavalier do that: I’d watched her pee earlier and thought she had done all she needed before we left the house. Next time I’ll make a later appointment!
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