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    Default Eight years!!

    Yesterday we celebrated the eighth anniversary of Nutmeg's gotcha day. It's hard to believe that the little mite we brought home in 2009 has turned into the beautiful little lady lying here at the side of me and that it is eight years since we adopted her.

    One of the local radio stations has been running a series of features about rescue pets and I contacted them with Megs' story. We were invited into their recording studio and spent a lovely ten minutes yesterday morning answering questions about Megs ( live on air ) - where she'd been adopted from, about her health and hearing problems and etc. The presenter seemed to fall in love with her and kept saying what a beautiful dog she is, how her tail never stops wagging and how impressed she was with Meg's achievements in agility and with her KCGC awards. She was SO well behaved -the treats I was feeding her helped !! - and I was really proud of her. She was a very good 'advert' both for rescue dogs and for dogs that may be that little bit more special.

    It was pure coincidence that we did the visit on the actual date of her adoption but made it an even more memorable day.
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    Stephanie.....and two little ladies.

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    Sounds like you had the most wonderful day yesterday Stephanie with your little Megs, I can hardly believe it's been eight years....where has all that time gone!
    Keep up the good work Megs, you make your mum very happy!


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    Wow 8 years.. Happy Gotcha day Megs... Sounds like you had a super day..
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    What a lovely way to spend the day: how great that Meg was such a good advert for our lovely breed, but her happy and confident nature must ahve a lot to do with the great care you have given her :-)


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    Aww, she's looking lovely. Yappy Birffday Megs
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