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Thread: St Macaire Langon show - in the rain!

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    Yesterday I went to a show at St Macaire, Langon. It rained most of the day :-( but several of us rigged up a shelter using my sun umbrella and a sheet of plastic. I knew beforehand from looking on the Internet that I had the majority of the whole colour entry and there were only one Blenheim and one tricolour entered. I assumed they belonged to a friend called Sylvie, but she hadn’t entered this year. A woman I did know was there, Christiane, who told me her entry had been missed out of the catalogue: she has a very good nice tricolour dog. The judge was Patrick Dewaele, the partner of the late Wendy Lhote. My first dog in the ring was Maxim, and when I said “Hello” I also asked Patrick how he was and he replied that it’s not easy, which I understand. By chance the secretary was Alain, a friend of mine. Patrick went over Maxim very thoroughly (It was the first time I’d showed under him) and when we went round the ring told me that he has tendency to dip over the shoulders. He graded him excellent nonetheless, and awarded him the CAC, his first, then asked “Jane, have you any whole colour bitches to show?” I realised he’d asked as he was going to allow me time to change over my dogs. So said yes but there was a junior bitch which wasn’t mine to be judged first. The junior, a sweet little black and tan was judged and then I had Melody (her first show!) and Madrigal in the same class, Intermediate. Christiane handled Madrigal, but when we did the circuit of the ring Maddie kept trying to turn back to me. When Madrigal was on the table, Christiane said “You’d better present her because she keeps looking for you!” so I did. Patrick commented on her white patch but said it was not enough to worry about. I then showed Melody and when we did the final tour of the ring together, Patrick suggested I went first with Madrigal, to give them both a better chance to move!. He eventually placed Madrigal first. He preferred Melody’s body but she wasn’t very dynamic on the move and her teeth are level, not a scissor bite. He didn’t mention her white chest. I then had Hula in Open, also first excellent so she had to challenge Madrigal for the CAC. Christiane took Hula, who was awarded it and Madrigal took the reserve: her first! Christiane’s tricolour boy won the CAC so I couldn’t ask her to take one of mine for the challenge for best of breed. Christiane asked one of the other exhibitors if he’d take one for me, so I gave him Maxim’s lead. We went round the ring about six times and eventually Patrick chose the Tri boy: Machoman de Castel Peyrac for Best of Breed with Hula as best Opposite Sex. I had not taken anything to eat and Christiane asked if I’d like to share her lunch: she’d also handlrench Bulldogs, of which there were a lot, I needed him to sign Melody’s confirmation papers for her full pedigree. Unfortunately from where we were we couldn’t hear the loudspeakers and I missed the announcements that the couple and lot affix classes were being called to the ring. I’d thought they’d be judged in catalogue order but it wasn’t until the group judging was almost finished that I asked at the show secretary’s tent aad realised they’d been judge earlier. Machoman looked good in the group, but wasn’t selected: the winner was a stunning black and white Tibetan terrier, Ch Sun Kosi Gandalf. Best in Show was a West Highland White terrier: CH I am Spartacus du Clan des Hamilton. The announcer said the handler deserved a special prize for being able to keep his dog so clean and white on such a day! There was also a white Cane Corso that was sparkling clean, but I think maybe short coated dogs are easier to wash the mud off.

    Alain phoned me this morning and asked if there was something that had happened with the judge When I’d asked Patrick how he was Alain had picked up on it and just afterwards asked Patrick if he was OK and Patrick replied that he’d had a little problem. Alain said he didn’t want to pry further and noticed that Patrick was very absorbed and thorough in the judging and that a couple of other exhibitors had asked how he was. I explained about Wendy. Alain also suggested that I try and make a claim for a refund of my entry fees for the “couple” and “lot d’affix” classes: he had noticed that the announcements were not audible from our ring and said that if there was an order printed in the catalogue It should have been followed. I’ll try!

    I was most pleased that Melody was confirmed and that her critique was pretty good all round: I wasn’t sure what Patrick’s opinion would be, but I there are judges who’d have been sniffy about her white patch (The points of non-confirmation say a white patch on the chest of a wholecolour can be permitted if the rest of the dog is of quality) or her level bite which isn’t actually point of non-confirmation: only really over or undershot bites with loss of contact between lower and upper teeth are non- confirmable.
    Pojtns de non confirmation:
    - Mâchoires déviées avec langue apparente.
    - Prognathisme inférieur ou supérieur avec perte de contact.
    - Absence (génétique) de deux incisives.

    - Wry Jaw with tongue obvious.
    - Lower or upper mouth over or undershot with loss of contact.
    - Absence (genetic) of two incisors.

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