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Thread: aquitaine branch of French Cavalier club get together and heart testing

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    Default aquitaine branch of French Cavalier club get together and heart testing

    Aquitaine CENA reunion very pleasant day, as usual: in addition Melody got 10/10 for her TAN (test of natural aptitude) It was funny when she did the recall as some people moved in between her and me so she lost sight of me and ran around people’s legs until she found me and then leapt into my arms and licked my face very happily! Not quite a classic recall! She’d clearly heard me and was looking! The judge said she’d done very well, I think she was a bit peeved about the people who’d got in the way. Later, Melody Madrigal and Maxim were all stade 0 for their hearts. Hula is still Stade 2 but Goldi, who’s never had puppies, is now Stade 3 so never can be a mum. I was obliged to take Na´cha because she needs lunch and a couple of times she did cry at having been left in a crate with the Cavaliers. At lunch I gave her some morsels of cheese, which was probably not a very good idea as she then sat and stared at me and cried for more!

    Dr le Bobbinec gave his usual talk on hearts in general. He said he’d had no bad surprises either that day or recently with young Cavaliers, and also that he has written an article on the successful use of ultrasound to detect early changes in the mitral valve, as so many countries rely on auscultation and often by the time the murmur is audible the valve has deteriorated significantly. He hopes it will be published in a veterinary journal. He did say that he’d been told the price of an ultrasound in the UK was prohibitively high, but he doesn’t understand why they are so expensive. He was grinning a bit, as he knew his audience all know that he charges half his usual fee of 130€ when he does the testing at a club event. He does ask that there be a minimum number of dogs, usually 50. A nice earner, yes, but he is giving up a day of rest and his ultrasound machine is very high tech and cost a small fortune. He has to insure it to take it away from his surgery and I don’t expect that’s cheap.

    Fortunately I was home in time to go to the end of my neighbours’ open day: they breed Barb horses and had asked a few horse related enterprises to have stalls there. Their black stallion was upset when a visiting mare left and cantered along the fence, neighing at her in her lorry as it departed. There's a video on my facebook page, Jane Elise Naylor
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    necessary! It says "Attention! Stallion Please do not enter the field" but as the electric fence was switched on anyone who tried to would be daft.

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    Sounds like you had a good day.. You make these days sound so great.. I just wish that I could write as descriptive.... I felt as though I was there with you..
    Julie, Peter,
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    Thanks Julie: I think you write descriptively: I remember your description of your poor Mini’s damage and felt as if I’d seen it myself and had had the argument about the repair. I didn’t mention that one end of the hall where the reunion was held is mirrored so as we walked towards it the dogs “recognised” their companions and went towards it happily, then looked puzzled as they realised I was there too, but also with them holding their leads! I have a mirror in the hallway at home and that sometimes confuses them, but the hall is only 90 cms wide so they don’t see themselves from any distance.


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