This morning I went to fairly local supermarket complex and thought of something I would like from the veterinary clinic there. It’s not a practice I usually use, but went in and found the item, went to pay and the woman at the desk asked for my name. I told her, but also said I wasn’t a client. She entered it in the computer and read out my old address so I said, “yes, that’s me! But the last time I used this practice was to have a horse castrated!” “Yes”, she replied, “that was in 2005, and it’s something you really wouldn’t have needed to have done again!” We giggled a bit, but I was a bit surprised that my name was still on their records. The vet that had done it was, at the time, THE equine vet in the region, which was why we’d used him rather than our normal vets, but he has, so the woman said, l been long retired. Big Brother! I understand that on-line shopping sites keep addresses for ages, but this did moderately surprise me. I’d also had to tell the CT centre (MOT equivalent; every two years here!) that tested my old car that I‘d sold it, as they (kindly) sent me a reminder to tell me it was due.