Evening everyone!

I am new to this forum, from what I can see it looks great!

So I have an almost 15 week old puppy 💙
His name is Brucey and is just adorable!

We are learning some commands and he is getting on well, but I do have a few things which I am
am not sure how to deal with!

Therefore I looking for some advice.....

Toilet in the night.....his last feed is around 6pm, even though he has 1 or sometimes 2 poo’s before I go to bed at 10 he is still having 1 in the night....is this normal?!

Jumping up on lap......so although this is our fault, he loves a cuddle on our lap, of which is great but as you can imagine he doesn’t understand when he can and cannot get up! Sometimes he is so playful we just keep putting him down and then up he gets again!!! And now when he does fall asleep as soon as we move boom he is awake again even though he is knackered! Any advice?!

He has just started to scratch on the skirting boards and walls......is this also normal?! As he has been good as gold up until now!

Advice would be great as I want to give him a happy life!

POS I would upload a pic but not sure how to do on my phone!